Agrifood Renewable Natural Gas for Transportation

Jurisdictions around the world are working to make the transition to a low-carbon global economy that will limit the impacts of climate change. Carbon pricing is a key tool to drive the market transformation needed to achieve deep carbon reductions. At the same time, to support implementation of carbon pricing, jurisdictions need complementary policies and programs that create conditions that drive market transformation, avoid unacceptable impacts to people, communities and businesses, and which capitalize on the opportunities presented by this transformation to thrive in the global economy of the future.

The Government of Ontario is committed to reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) pollution and helping industry transition to a low-carbon economy. The Province has therefore made significant investments through the Climate Change Action Plan to help the agri-food and transportation sectors in their efforts to reduce emissions.

Through the pilot of the Agrifood Renewable Natural Gas for Transportation Demonstration Program, the Government of Ontario will support the demonstration of business models for the production and use of Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) using agricultural and food waste based materials for use as a transportation fuel. This investment is intended to help agriculture, food, and transportation businesses reduce emissions and remain competitive by producing and using RNG as a transportation fuel. The Program is a pilot and aims to help support sector development and help the Province meet its long-term GHG emission reduction targets.

Please note that this program is no longer accepting applications.

More information on the Agrifood RNG for Transportation Program.