TargetGHG Solutions 2030 Challenge

The TargetGHG Solutions 2030 Challenge will catalyze the development of next generation of disruptive clean technologies to help large industry lower emissions at their facilities and help the Ontario meet its greenhouse gas (GHG) targets beyond year 2030. This global challenge employs a tiered, award-based approach to technology development and commercialization.

Up to $14 million* will be allocated for this new global competition to develop breakthrough technologies that address the needs of Ontario’s industrial emitters. The challenge will award grants to support a three-stage global competition to solve industry challenges. Ontario-based activities will support the development of new capability in the province and encourage new businesses to establish a significant presence in Ontario. 

OCE Business Development Managers will help to identify representatives from Ontario’s industrial large emitters. OCE will host a design thinking workshop to explore the problem landscape with the industrial emitters through October 2016.  Once complete OCE will define a broad problem statement and what would qualify as a breakthrough solution to frame detailed guidelines. The Challenge will launch in January 2017.   

More details on OCE’s TargetGHG Grand Challenge.

*Please note:  $14 million is the total anticipated value of the program that includes the OCE, Applicant and Partner contributions.