How it Works

High performance computing (HPC) is the next big thing in small business. OCE’s mandate is to help Ontario SMEs in the following focus areas: agile computing, health applications, smarter infrastructure, digital media, mining, advanced manufacturing and cyber security increase their competitiveness through access to Canada’s fastest supercomputer and/or a high throughput cloud computing platform.

How It Works

Qualified SMEs interested in taking advantage of this unprecedented research opportunity will be partnered with faculty members at one of the following Ontario colleges and universities for collaborative research projects:

These colleges and universities and the IBM Canada Research and Development Centre make up the research consortium, Southern Ontario Smart Computing Innovation Platform (SOSCIP).

Please Note: there are no funding dollars attached to this program. This program can be used in combination with OCE funding programs if applicable. For example, funding is available for postdoctoral fellows through OCE’s TalentEdge program. 


  • Access to world-class researchers and research infrastructure
  • Mentorship from industry leaders
  • Increased R&D capacity and productivity
  • Access to a new Barrie-based IBM data centre
  • Pre-market access to new computational technologies
  • Opportunity to de-risk R&D in a supportive environment

Resources Available

  • One BlueGene/Q supercomputer at University of Toronto
  • Cloud and Agile computing infrastructures at Western University
  • Technical support personnel (data architects and analytics specialists)
  • Postdoctoral fellowship opportunities and graduate internships
  • Large shared memory (4.5TB) data analytics platform at Queen's University

How to Apply


Successful applicants must be small-to-medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Ontario that:
  • Are small but think big 
  • Have great ideas for which standard computers just aren’t powerful enough 
  • Want to lead their markets in research, quality, performance, etc. 
  • Are mining for insights in their data to reshape their businesses into global leaders 
  • Have founders (or influential internal champions) who have used HPC in grad school or at a previous employer 
  • Are computer savvy but experiencing performance issues with products, services or internal processes 
  • Like to codify their IP in software 
  • Like to create models to simulate business processes 
  • Have good track records of university or college research collaboration  
  • Have a knack for what’s next

Application Process

For more information, please contact:

Martin Lord
Senior Business Development Manager, High Performance Computing
(905) 823 2020 x3236