$3.26 Amount of GDP created fr every $1 invested in CCR
Ottawa start-up 360pi

About CCR

The Centre for Commercialization of Research (CCR) acts as a catalyst that allows innovative businesses to grow and achieve sustainable, commercial success through the successful commercialization of ideas emerging out of research, helping high-potential companies build the capacity to become sustainable global competitors.

CCR Model – How it Works

CCR helps emerging businesses grow to the point where they can attract private investment, and ultimately become sustainable, global competitors. CCR is able to assist these young companies and their management teams in navigating the sometimes tricky waters of business, offering assistance and advice on issues such as management, marketing, technology (intellectual property) strategy, product development and financing.

The CCR model has a number of components that make it valuable to emerging companies:

  • its role as a trusted catalyst bringing regional players together 
  • its positioning at the point where academia and business meet 
  • its ability to draw on the strength of its vast networks, to access new discoveries, assess the viability of the business plan and tap sources of support and partnership
  • its unique ability to create synergies that link the various players in the commercialization space