Academics & Researchers

OCE works directly with academics and researchers in Ontario’s colleges, universities and research hospitals to identify innovations with commercial potential and help establish academic-industry collaborations that drive commercialization and sales.

Popular OCE Programs for Academics & Researchers

Voucher for Innovation and Productivity (VIP) 

VIP helps established companies develop, implement and commercialize technical innovations by supporting partnerships between Ontario's industry and academia.   Learn More >

Voucher for E-Business and Technology Adoption (VEBTA)

VEBTA connects main street companies with expertise and resources at Ontario colleges to help them take advantage of online tools to drive market expansion, including exports.   Learn More >

Voucher for Industry Association R&D Challenge (VIA)

VIA connects industry associations or consortia with Ontario’s publicly funded academic research institutions to address sector-wide research and development challenges.   Learn More >

Market Readiness

Market Readiness directly funds early-stage commercialization of IP resulting from research conducted at an Ontario-based academic institution or a company based at a Campus Linked Accelerator (CLA) by newly created start-up companies.   Learn More >

College Ontario Network for Industry Innovation (CONII)

CONII connects Ontario businesses to the applied research and commercialization expertise of the Ontario college system, helping companies innovate to become more competitive in the global environment.  Learn More >

Alberta-Ontario Innovation Program

The Alberta-Ontario Innovation Program supports cross-provincial collaborations between industry and academia to solve key industry challenges that can be tackled through research and development activities and produce economic benefits for both provinces.   Learn More >

Connected Vehicle/Automated Vehicle (CVAV) Research Program

The CVAV Program brings businesses and academic institutions together to develop and commercialize innovations in connected and autonomous vehicle technologies, with a focus on projects that show a strong potential for commercialization.   Learn More >

On-Campus Entrepreneurship Activities (OCEA)

OCEA facilitates the development of student entrepreneurial activity in Ontario's universities and colleges by supporting the initiation and expansion of on-campus entrepreneurship capacity in institutions that have demonstrated and/or are willing to make strong commitments to entrepreneurship.   Learn More >

Campus-Linked Accelerators (CLAs)

CLAs provide funding to post-secondary institutions with proven experience and existing commitments to entrepreneurship to create, improve and sustain a culture of entrepreneurship among students and youth in their regions.   Learn More >


AdvancingHealth bolsters innovation in Ontario’s healthcare sector by supporting collaborative demonstration projects between companies, public healthcare organizations and academic institutions that show clear potential for scaling-up to the system-level and make a strong case for adoption.   Learn More >


Explore supports unconventional and highly innovative research projects with the potential to strongly impact the drug discovery process.   Learn More >

Medical Sciences Proof-of-Principle (MSc PoP)

MSc PoP helps commercialize promising life sciences and medical technology intellectual property (IP) developed at Ontario publicly funded academic research institutions (universities, colleges and research hospitals). Learn More >

Popular Partner Programs for Academics & Researchers 

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