Success Story

Rna Diagnostics Inc.


Currently, just 25 per cent of breast cancer patients have a long-term survival benefit from chemotherapy treatments. However, determining whether or not the treatment is working takes multiple chemotherapy cycles, which can cause patient suffering and burden the health care system.

Now, Rna Diagnostics Inc. has developed a proprietary test,  the RNA Disruption Assay (RDA), to assess the impact of chemotherapy as early as the middle of the first treatment cycle – a significant improvement that has the potential to speed the switch of the other 75 per cent of patients to more promising treatments.

OCE’s CCR helped secure the intellectual property underlying the test as well as negotiating its use through licensing. CCR also played a key role in funding, from initial technology development, to syndicated follow-on equity investment and continuing commercialization.

Rna Diagnostics was recently recognized as the first-place winner at the 2011 TIEQuest Awards.

“OCE’s Centre for Commercialization of Research (CCR)’s financial support has been vital in enabling us to advance this company, both by accelerating our product development, and by helping us attract a further $1.25 million in follow-on funding from public and private investors.”

—Dr. Ken Pritzker, CEO, Rna Diagnostics Inc.

Return on Innovation

  • Created nine new jobs 
  • $500 million market opportunity; RNA plans to address approximately $100 million of this potential within the next five to six years

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