Success Story

Technology Transfer Partnerships: Sanofi-aventis (MaRS Innovation)


Under the leadership of MaRS Innovation, researchers at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre entered into an exciting agreement earlier this year with global pharmaceutical company, Sanofi-aventis, to develop Vasculotide, an investigational compound designed to treat chronic wounds. Vasculotide is a synthetic peptide-based growth factor that may help blood vessels grow, rapidly shortening the time it takes for wounds to close because the stimulation of blood flow to the wound facilitates effective delivery of nutrients and other factors. Synthetic peptides are useful pharmaceutical agents as they are small enough to be manufactured by traditional chemical methods. Vasculotide, an angiogenic compound (stimulates blood vessel growth), was invented by senior scientists Dr. Dan Dumont and Dr. Paul Van Slyke at Sunnybrook Research Institute in Toronto. Sanofi-aventis has an exclusive worldwide option to the compound, which they hope will assist patients suffering from diabetic foot ulcers.

Return on Innovation

  • Three new jobs to be created

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