Success Story

Staying on track with sun safety


Sun lovers can now track their vitamin D production and sun exposure through an updated design of a Toronto start-up’s sun tracking wearable.

After the success of the first generation of their product, QSun has applied feedback from customers into the new and improved second generation. The team behind QSun is raising funds for the enhanced wearable through a Kickstarter campaign.

QSun helps users monitor and analyze the amount of sun exposure in real-time.

Sun exposure, like everything else, has its positives and negatives. Getting the right amount of exposure from the sun aids in our body’s production of vitamin D, an essential nutrient for bone and muscle health. Too much sun, however, can lead to a sunburn or other skin damage, particularly for people with a sun allergy.

QSun co-founders Dr. Neda Ghazi and Dr. Ali Monam have both conducted post-doctoral research on the effects of urban climate on human health. Keeping the benefits and dangers in mind, the pair developed a device that everyone can use to better protect themselves without having to opt out of the perks the sun provides. QSun, a wearable tracker, can be paired with the companion app, which helps users monitor and analyze the amount of sun exposure in real-time. Since its original launch, many QSun customers expressed how pleased they were with the amount of protection gained by the tracker while still being able to enjoy sunlight.

“I’m very happy about how we have been able to affect user behavior and help lead people toward a healthier lifestyle. Nothing is more valuable than hearing that your technology is helping people to be healthier,” says Neda, co-founder and CEO of QSun.

With OCE SmartStart funding received in 2016, the team was able to develop a second generation of the technology and update the mobile app based on feedback from their customers. QSun was remodeled with a smaller, sleeker design and features more advanced capabilities. The upgrade now enables users to track their vitamin D production and sun exposure over the course of the day and in a history log. For the avid outdoor runner, the updated app can be synced with fitness apps that are standard on most cellphones to determine which activities exposed them to the most amount of sun and help them be mindful when planning future behaviour.

Recently, the company launched a Kickstarter campaign for the release of QSun, building on the success of their previous campaign. Over 25,000 people worldwide are currently using the app to help reduce the amount of sun damage to their skin. With more sunny days on the horizon, the number of better informed and conscientious sun worshippers is only expected to rise.