Success Story

Longan Vision


The reality of firefighting is that it is an unpredictable and dangerous profession.  Each rescue response presents any number of unknown variables, with fire personnel entrusting their own safety, and their ability to save others, to their equipment. 

The creative minds at Longan Vision believed there was an opportunity for firefighters to see things differently by developing smart augmented reality (AR) devices for the next generation of firefighters. 

The Hamilton-based company has developed the Fusion Vision System, an AR smart visor system that can be attached to a firefighter’s helmet.  The AR device collects thermal imaging and environmental sensing data, allowing firefighters to see through heavy smoke, locate victims and find fire sources.  The Longan VIsion team is also developing the tools necessary to allow firefighters to communicate with other team members, with video and sensor data streamed to a remote server for analysis, keeping an entire squad in constant communication and allowing for better decision making.

The challenge for Longan Vision was trying to develop the necessary hardware and software ecosystem on edge computing.  By gaining access to the ENCQOR 5G testbed and technical support from the ENCQOR team, it has provided the opportunity to give edge computing devices more capabilities by allowing the company to test the workflow of data collection and computation done in the cloud and streaming the results back to the devices in real-time.

Longan Vision’s 5G project is designed to revolutionize firefighting.  The enabling inter-device connection would allow the sharing of essential information with all members of a fire crew through the squad’s network, allowing decisions based on thermal video and sensor data to be streamed through all firefighters’ devices.

Longan Vision is also working on a project called GateKeeper, which can scan a person’s elevated body temperature, without close contact, at the entrance to public places such as grocery stores.  The company is hoping the hardware and software aspects of GateKeeper could also be linked to another 5G project in the future