Martin Walmsley Award for Entrepreneurship

The Martin Walmsley Award supports the development of an Ontario student to create an innovative start-up with an economic impact in Ontario. The innovation must address existing and emerging challenges in key sectors. 
The innovation can include technology; business or social innovations. The $25,000 award gives a new entrepreneur the financial resources to focus entirely on making their ideas a viable business. The award honours the original vision of Dr. Martin Walmsley in developing new innovative institutional structures, the Ontario Centres of Excellence, dedicated to stimulating advanced research and development leading to wealth creation in areas strategic to Ontario. This award recognizes new entrepreneurs and emerging innovative companies.

Nominations for this award are advanced by the OCE Business Development Manager community. Winners are announced at our AGM. Christian Weedbrook, CEO of Xanadu Quantum Technologies Inc., was announced this year's winner at OCE’s Annual General Meeting held on October 17, 2018.

Recent winners include:

  • Dr. Abdul Rehman, SSIMWAVE 
  • Chekema Prince, Pression Inc. 
  • Sam Molyneux, Meta (formerly Sciencescape) 
  • Karl Martin - Nymi
  • Richard Beal – COFOVO Energy
  • Aliasgar Morbi – GaitTronics
  • Michael Montgomery – Kinetica Dynamics
  • Jessica Ching – Eve Medical
  • Ibraheem Khan – Smarter Alloys (formerly Innovative Processing Technologies)