2015/16 Challenge

The theme for the 2015/16 Energy Entrepreneur Challenge was “Conservation as a tool to meeting the world’s energy challenges”. Energy conservation and demand management (CDM) can play a key part in assisting the world to use energy responsibly and to achieve desired environmental and climate change objectives. Consumers, big and small, individuals and large corporations, can all make a contribution to CDM. The challenge is to develop an easily used and cost effective CDM system or technology which can be used by a broad spectrum of consumers in Canada or around the world.

2015/16 Winner

Bolis Ibrahim and Oleh Zhyhinas (Ryerson University)  Argentum Electronics
The All2One Solar Power Combiner (A2O), a “smart solar controller” developed by Argentum Electronics, incorporates existing small-scale solar-power technologies with a unique circuit design, allowing homeowners to more efficiently generate electricity and lower dependence on the grid.

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