Ontario Centres of Excellence partners with industry leaders to promote innovation in key Ontario sectors

January 30, 2014

Ontario Centres of Excellence (OCE) will be working with some of Ontario’s noted industry leaders to solve sector-wide issues and promote innovation in strategic sectors of the province. 

Through an open call under Ontario’s Voucher for Industry Association R&D Challenge, OCE is offering a funding opportunity that is specifically designed for Ontario industry associations or formal industry consortia with a strong vision for the future encompassing innovation and new disruptive technologies.
“We strongly believe that Ontario’s ability to compete in a global market depends heavily on building strength across key sectors of the economy,” says Dr. Tom Corr, President and CEO of OCE. “We look forward to working closely with industry leaders representing some of the province’s most vibrant and successful companies. They are ideally positioned to identify opportunities where research-based innovation could help solve sector-wide issues and significantly enhance competitiveness and productivity within their sectors.”

OCE is able to provide this opportunity under the Government of Ontario’s Collaboration Voucher Program. This program, which OCE is administering on behalf of the province, strongly signals Ontario’s commitment to supporting industry’s innovation and performance goals. And it is characteristic of the nature of the work done by OCE, whose primary mission is driving the commercialization of cutting-edge research across strategic market sectors with the goals of creating jobs and economic prosperity.

The Voucher for Industry Association R&D Challenge or “VIA” has the specific purpose of connecting industry associations or groups of companies with Ontario’s publicly funded academic research institutions (universities, colleges and hospitals) to address sector-wide research and development challenges. The aim is commercialization of new technologies that will have significant economic impact for Ontario and the participating industry partners.

More details on the open call for proposals is available here