Supporting young entrepreneurs in the nation's capital

May 13, 2015

The Carleton-led Accelerator is a pillar of Ottawa's vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem.

With a plethora of resources to support young entrepreneurs, the Carleton-led Accelerator is a pillar of Ottawa’s vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem.

The Carleton-led Accelerator is part of Capital Entrepreneurs, a Campus-Linked Accelerator that includes Carleton University, the University of Ottawa and Algonquin College. Capital Entrepreneurs receives funding from Ontario's Campus-Linked Accelerators program, managed by Ontario Centres of Excellence.
The mission of the Carleton-led Accelerator is to make Ottawa’s post-secondary institutions the focal point for youth entrepreneurship and contribute to the economic development of the region. Its objective is to launch and grow 15+ ventures per year, each of which is designed to generate $1 million of revenue per year within three years. 

The Carleton-led Accelerator is housed in a state-of-the-art 4,000 square foot facility in the St. Patricks Building, Carleton University. The Accelerator anchors a unique ecosystem that helps entrepreneurs launch and grow their ventures. 

The Accelerator is home to the award-winning Lead to Win, an ecosystem that supports technology entrepreneurs in Canada’s Capital Region; Global Start, a program that supports entrepreneurs who wish to globalize their ventures rapidly and early; Carleton Entrepreneurs, a program that supports Carleton students who wish to graduate with a degree in one hand and a business in the other; The Nicol Entrepreneurial Institute, an organization that provides internships to Carleton students; and the TIM Review, a refereed journal that targets entrepreneurs and attracts talented authors worldwide. 

The Carleton-led Accelerator encourages innovation in research, teaching and learning in entrepreneurship; develops connections worldwide to support start-ups that wish to globalize rapidly and early; enables hands-on experience in entrepreneurship; offers exceptional support to young entrepreneurs; and leverages Carleton’s academic programs and resources. 

Carleton’s academic programs for talented entrepreneurs include the Technology Innovation Management program which is available to experienced personnel with engineering, business or science undergraduate degrees; the Minor in Entrepreneurship which is available to undergraduate students in all Carleton’s faculties; and the Bachelor of Commerce Entrepreneurship Concentration

The number of unique visitors to the TIM Review exceeds 22,000 per month. As of January 2015, the visitor breakdown by continents is: 33% Americas; 32% Asia; 28% Europe; 5% Africa; and 2% Oceania.

The operations of the Carleton-led Accelerator are funded by Ontario Centres of Excellence, Carleton University, the Technology Innovation Management program, and the Nicol Entrepreneurship Institute at Carleton University. 

This story was provided by Carleton University.