Queen’s entrepreneurs ready to make their pitch

August 19, 2015

Photo courtesy of Queen's University.

After 16 furious weeks of planning and prototyping, student entrepreneurs from Queen’s University and St. Lawrence College will make their pitch on Aug. 20 to win up to $30,000 in seed funding for their start-up companies.

The venture pitch competition is the culminating activity of the summer initiative program hosted by Queen’s Innovation Connector (QIC), which forms Kingston’s Campus-Linked Accelerator with Launch Lab. Students from every Queen’s faculty and St. Lawrence College work in teams to develop their own companies or contribute to an innovation partnership with industry.

“The QIC Summer Initiative (QICSI) Venture Pitch Competition is a great opportunity for students to showcase the results of their hard work and dedication,” says Greg Bavington, Executive Director, QIC. “The students independently run these companies that have the potential to generate commercial revenue, and that’s really exciting.”

The grant from the Campus-Linked Accelerator program allows QIC to offer the students a stipend during the summer, removing the financial barrier to participation and making the experience accessible for more students. The Campus-Linked Accelerator program is managed by Ontario Centres of Excellence.

“It’s a program that we wanted to be as realistic as possible, giving students a chance for experiential learning outside of the classroom. They’re learning how to create and manage businesses; we’ve just removed some of the risks of entrepreneurship,” Mr. Bavington adds.

QIC launched the summer initiative program in 2012. Thus far, the summer program has led to the creation of 27 new companies that are now in various stages of technology development and commercialization. One student company, Listn, was recently sold to New York City’s Beatport, the largest electronic music community in the world.

QIC will live stream the venture presentations from 1-5:30 pm on Aug. 20. QIC has tweeted the link to the live feed and posted it on its website.

This story was provided by Queen's University.