Search our projects and companies

November 24, 2016

All those interested in the work of OCE can now easily find information about the many hundreds of projects we support in 75 communities across Ontario.  Also now available are profiles and the latest news for many of the companies we support.

OCE recently launched a new searchable database on our website, which provides stakeholders with robust information on all our OCE-funded projects going back three years. On our Projects page, a searchable database produces results that are mapped and filtered based on the users’ needs, with sort options that include sectors, programs and academic affiliations.

Since April, 2013, OCE has made more than $92 million in project commitments which leveraged more than $181 million in industry and partner leverage. You can also see distribution of OCE funding by sector and a comparative look at the number of projects supported at Ontario universities and colleges.

On our Companies page, to be updated regularly, we have profiled over 250 OCE-supported companies, which can also be searched by sector.

“We believe it’s important to make it as easy as possible for the innovation community and interested members of the public to find information about OCE’s work and the companies we are proud to support,” says Anne Wettlaufer, Vice President of Marketing, Communications and Public Affairs. “This transparency of our funding processes and commitments is in keeping with our objective of maintaining trust and accountability with all our public and private partners.”