REACH-ing to improve healthcare through innovation-based procurement

January 20, 2017

REACH supports Ontario health care provider organizations to utilize innovation-based procurement methodologies to more effectively identify and procure innovative health care technology products and services.

Ontario Centres of Excellence has launched a new program to help Ontario’s healthcare system more easily and effectively adopt innovative new products and services.

The REACH (Resources for Evaluating, Adopting and Capitalizing on Innovative Healthcare Technology) Program is designed to support publicly-funded Ontario healthcare organizations in using new methods to procure solutions to their high-priority needs.

“OCE is excited to be able to support healthcare providers in introducing advanced new technologies and products that will help them help patients and create a more patient-centred experience,” says Dr. Tom Corr, President and CEO of OCE. “Moving from a specifications-based procurement approach to one that is innovation-based and focused on outcomes is especially important given Ontario’s population is both aging and expected to grow by 28.6 per cent between 2012 and 2036, placing significant pressure on healthcare services.”

REACH, which is managed by OCE on behalf of Ontario’s Ministry of Government and Consumer Services, helps healthcare provider organizations such as hospitals adopt innovation-based procurement methodologies to more effectively identify and procure leading-edge healthcare technology products and services that address enterprise-wide challenges.

Together with AdvancingHealth, the Health Technologies Fund and Medical Sciences Proof-of-Principle programs, OCE is supporting healthtech innovation across the province.

Improving the identification and procurement of innovative technology products and services by the healthcare sector is expected to lead to improved patient care and outcomes as well as help create high-quality jobs and long-term value for money.