IBM Innovation Incubator Project

Under the IBM Innovation Incubator Project, qualifying businesses can leverage programs and infrastructure including IBM’s technical, design and business resources to lower the cost of introducing emerging and enabling technologies to the global marketplace.

The IBM Innovation Incubator Project helps level the playing field for small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and provide a platform for ongoing productivity and economic growth by offering an integrated suite of globally disruptive, advanced computing technology infrastructure and programming to Ontario’s SMEs.

There are four streams.

 Stream 1:

  • Customer Demonstration Program aims to demonstrate the value of a smart computing product/service with a strategic customer by matching market leaders and market disruptors. 

 Stream 2:

  • TalentEdge Data Analytics Internships will build skills related to advanced analytic and smart computing technologies and techniques for analyzing large and/or diverse data sets to allow company to address important business questions, uncover patterns and pursue breakthrough ideas.
    • Note: The program is currently at capacity. Application intake is closed.

 Stream 3:

  • SOSCIP-TalentEdge Post-Doctoral Fellowship Program will deliver resources for companies and/or post-secondary institutions to hire postdoctoral fellows where they will gain advanced computing tools and infrastructure as part of smart computing R&D projects.
    • Note: The program is currently at capacity. Application intake is closed.

 Stream 4:

  • IBM Innovation Hubs are being established throughout the province where SMEs can get support services to help them scale up; identify and pursue new markets; and access cognitive and IBM Cloud computing through advanced technology platforms including IBM Bluemix and IBM Watson.