Voucher for Industry Association R&D Challenge (VIA)

This program connects industry associations or consortia with Ontario's publicly funded academic research institutions to address sector-wide research and development challenges. The partnerships indirectly support start-ups, SMEs and large companies through projects with Ontario’s publicly funded academic research institutions (universities, colleges, hospitals). VIA projects focus on challenges identified by an industry sector where business solutions have demonstrable global market potential. Project outcomes are to include commercialization and increased productivity with significant economic impact for Ontario (jobs, revenues etc.) and program partners. Companies may use research results to their own commercial advantage or that of their supply chain.

OCE’s past VIA program initiatives are:  
  • Ontario Aerospace R&TD Challenge
  • OCE-CQDM Life Sciences R&D Challenge
  • “Made in Ontario” Advanced Manufacturing R&D Challenge
  • Ultra Deep Mining Network
  • Image Guided Therapy
  • OCE-CENGN Next Generation Networks R&TD Challenge
  • Smart Computing R&D Challenge
  • Aerospace R&D Challenge
  • Agri-Based Industrial Bioproducts (ABIB) R&D Challenge
  • Cybersecurity R&D Challenge
Please note that this program is no longer accepting applications.