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80-20 Growth Corporation course offerings:

The 80-20 Growth Corporation is partnering with St. Paul's GreenHouse to deliver sales training, consulting and one-on-one coaching to help early stage social ventures across Ontario get the partnerships and customer traction they need to validate their business. Having worked for small local firms to Fortune 100 companies, and having expertise in all key sales training methodologies, 80-20 Growth has the art and science covered to help companies at any stage to grow aggressively. This training will help to close the sales skills and confidence gap that young, early stage social entrepreneurs face in Ontario, and will put them in a position to quickly grow their business and tap into further start-up services from the Ontario Network for Entrepreneurs.

Social Impact Voucher Programming:

All voucher recipients will get training in the following areas, which will give them the skills to acquire new customers and increase sales:

  • Customer Value Proposition Assessment and Creation: 80-20 specializes in identifying and formulating a customer-centric value proposition – one that gets to the heart of the problem that the social entrepreneur is solving and is guaranteed to grab the attention of prospective customers.
  • Identifying the Ideal Customer Profile: 80-20 regularly identifies a new target market, customer profile or an entirely new channel to market for our client. 80-20 has decades of experience consulting with senior executives at the world’s largest organizations and are experts in matching our client’s value proposition to the right people at the right time.
  • Call Script Design and Training: We are experts at delivering world class sales scripts that have opened doors to corner offices at the world’s largest corporations. A trained sales professional should never sound scripted, but the foundation of their success is a script that delivers the proverbial knockout punch
  • World-class Sales Training: 80-20 is not constrained by a need to adhere to one prescribed methodology and our courses combine the best principles and tactical action points from a wide range of world renowned strategic sales methodologies including: Conceptual and Strategic Selling (Miller Heiman), SPIN Selling (Neil Rackham), Solution Selling (Michael Bosworth), New Solution Selling (Keith Eades), Power Base Selling (Jim Holden), Target Account Selling (The TAS Group), Sandler Selling System (Sandler Training), and most influentially, The Challenger Sale (Dixon & Adamson). 80-20 Sales Training is also anchored by the practical experience gained by the firms’ Principals over two decades of selling complex solutions to C-level executives at the world’s largest businesses, and our team members have consistently been ranked as the top sales performers wherever they have worked. Our training modules are rooted in practical examples and we discuss our strategy and tactics in the context of the daily challenges and actions of the teams that we coach.
  • GreenHouse will also provide up to 3 hours of coaching/networking for each voucher recipient to help identify the most important start-up milestones they should be pursuing, and to put plans and contacts in place to help them get there as quickly as possible.

Course Content:


Expected Outcome


Solicitation of voucher applicants

Have the demand exceed the supply of vouchers by at least 2:1 to ensure we have a sufficient pool from which to select high potential ventures

Sept. 16 - Feb. 17

Assessment day(s)

Selection of 20 high-potential ventures to receive training. Potential will be assessed based on personalities of the individuals applying, and market opportunities for the venture

Feb. 17 and May 17

Group Sales Training - GTA

10 social ventures trained in critical sales concept, develop custom sales strategy, implement strategy

March 2017

Group sales training - Waterloo Region

10 social ventures trained in critical sales concept, develop custom sales strategy, implement strategy

June 2017

Six hours of one-on-one coaching for all voucher recipients from 80-20

6 hours of one-on-one coaching per voucher recipient

March - Aug. 2017

Three hours of one-on-one start-up services for all voucher recipients from GreenHouse

3 hours of start-up services per voucher recipient

March - Aug. 2017

If you are interested in receiving the training/services from the 80-20 Growth Corporation, please contact:

Ben Firman
Managing Director, Revenue
20 Queen St. N., Suite 301
Kitchener, Ontario, N2H 2G8