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Centre for Social Innovation

Centre for Social Innovation course offerings:

The Centre for Social Innovation in partnership with Lean4Flourishing is pleased to offer a unique program to take Ontario social enterprises to their next stage in the market. OSIV participants will have access to the CSI community and working spaces over the period of the program. Enabling them to take advantage of the network and connectivity that thrives across CSI. Lean4Flourishing will provide dedicated facilitators and coaches through a structured 22 week program.

Lean4Flourishing is an innovative start-up program based on six years of research and practice that focuses on creating organizations that generate financial, social and environmental value. The program builds on the proven value of Lean Startup and transformational change and program management to create the Lean4Flourishing method powered by a new generation of tools, such as the Flourishing Business Canvas and the Future Fit Business Benchmark.

Social Impact Voucher Programming:

The program offers the support required to make meaningful progress towards individual and organizational goals of becoming flourishing tri-profitable and scalable enterprises, i.e. organizations that are financially viable, socially beneficial and environmentally regenerative at the scale needed to sustain themselves over the long term.

The program will guide and support entrepreneurs to further their enterprise’s viability and growth, and develop themselves as authentic flourishing leaders. The program facilitates this by taking entrepreneurs through an iterative learning-by-doing-process focused on flourishing business model development/innovation. The practical outcome of this is a validated flourishing business model, including all relevant social, environmental and economic factors and a competency in flourishing entrepreneurship.

The program takes a Our just-in-time learn-by-doing approach. Most entrepreneurship programs, focus on the individual elements required to run an enterprise, i.e., sales, marketing, HR, finance, legal, etc. In contrast the Lean4Flourishing program integrates  the knowledge needed at the right developmental stage through an iterative learning process so that entrepreneurs can do the next step. Not only does the program deliver knowledge just in time, entrepreneurs immediately apply that knowledge to developing their enterprise. This enables entrepreneurs to understand skills experientially and make progress towards their goals during the program, all while practicing/using the new competencies in real time. The program includes the just-in-time development of key entrepreneurial competencies:

  • Setting personal vision and values
  • Strategy, business modeling and enterprise design
  • Prototyping, product/service development, including value proposition testing
  • Social and environmental impact measurement
  • Financial modeling
  • Governance / legal structure / partnerships
  • Marketing / sales  
  • Operational design /  continuous improvement
  • This program is specifically designed to build entrepreneurial competencies in the early stages of organizational growth:

If your enterprise is seeking…

The Lean4Flourishing Program will help you

Initial Growth

Prove the viability of a growth strategy (new markets, diversification, franchising, affiliate models, export) through business model development and testing

To Find Funding to Scale

Assess capability to grow and readiness for funding through business model development

To become a Certified B Corp

Attract key stakeholders – customers, investors, partners, suppliers, employees – by achieving and publically reporting on values-aligned social/environmental business model

To scale

Develop new product/service design and undertake thorough business model development and testing.

Course content - Jan. - May 2017

  • 6 Full Day Hands-on Labs
  • 5 Half-day coaching sessions (mixture of group and individual)
  • 8 Half-day peer learning sessions
If you are interested in receiving the training/services from the Centre for Social Innovation, please contact: 

Centre for Social Innovation 
(416) 908-6084