How it Works

A. Program Overview
B. How Funding Works
C. Eligibility
D. How to Apply
E. Timelines
F. Evaluation and Assessment
G. Project Activation and Flow of Funds
H. Project Reporting Requirements
I. Downloads

Please note that applications to this program are currently closed.

A. Program Overview

Open call for social entrepreneurs and enterprises 

The Ontario Social Impact Voucher (OSIV) Program will support the financial sustainability and growth of social enterprises across the province by providing access to resources and services. The OSIV Program will deploy up to 200 Social Impact Vouchers at a value of up to $3,000 per voucher to Ontario-based social entrepreneurs and enterprises, through Delivery Organizations (DO) selected by OCE.

These selected Delivery Organizations offer a range of educational programs to assist social entrepreneurs and enterprises in building capacity to advance their businesses. The DO will be responsible for assisting social entrepreneurs and enterprises in completing their application and delivering value-added social entrepreneurship business resources and/or services to eligible social entrepreneurs and enterprises that have been awarded a Social Impact Voucher. Activities funded by OSIV Program vouchers are delivered in a range of formats, including training activities, service delivery, and/or the development of products that enable the growth of the voucher recipients.

Initiatives focus on identifying and implementing enterprise growth strategies that include:

  • Building a customer base
  • Raising capital
  • Expanding to new markets
  • Using tools to measure economic and social impact
  • And other needed value-added social entrepreneurship business supports/services

Social entrepreneur and enterprise applicants can review the educational programs offered by the various Delivery Organizations and select the program and service that will be of greatest benefit to their business.

  • Please contact the corresponding Delivery Organization to assist with completing the application.

The application process for social entrepreneurs and enterprises is open from August 29, 2016 to July 31, 2017.

Please refer to the list of the selected Delivery Organizations and descriptions of their value added services being offered. Click on the Delivery Organization for full details. 

Business Supports and/or Services:

Delivery Organization


Target Audience



Application Intake Dates

Schlegel Centre for Entrepreneurship and Social Innovation

Wilfrid Laurier University

Waterloo and Brantford

(In person and online modules)

Three, in-person intensive weekend sessions, Complimented by six online modules


Female and non-traditional learners (individuals with no, or limited, post-secondary experience) ready to start or scale a social enterprise.

Preparing to develop /refine marketing strategies for ventures, raise capital, measurement metrics and build new contacts, customer and investor leads.

In-person training is for 6 days

Online module training is over 9 weeks


The Catalyst Program will be delivered each year from January through May, with formal post-program supports continuing until the end of June.

Jan. 21/22, 2017 –

First in-person weekend session

March 4/5, 2017 –

Second in-person weekend session

May 6/7, 2017–

Final in-person weekend session

June 2017 - Final ‘official’ 1-1 meetings with mentors under Catalyst Program

(All dates to be confirmed)

80-20 Growth Corporation


Program will be available in all of Ontario.

The in-person training session will be focused on Southern Ontario, although some in-person events, Sales Training, Sales Consulting, and one-on-one coaching can all be delivered over the web.

Early-stage social ventures

Preparing todevelop business development, secure partnership and customer traction.

20 hoursales training session in each of KW and the GTA

6 hours of 1:1 coaching (80-20)

3 hours of start-up services (GreenHouse)

March – Aug. 2017

PARO Centre for Women’s Enterprise
Northern Ontario

On-site, e-learning technologies, PARO on Wheels, use of online tools such as Zoom and Skype.
Early-stage, high-growth social enterprises Development of early-stage, high-growth social enterprises and help launch and grow their businesses. Training/workshop component: 24 hours in total.

Plus, additional program activities such as one-on-one counseling, mentorship, events etc.
Sept. 2016 - Aug.

2017 (ongoing)

1st intake - Sept. 2016

2nd intake - Jan. 2017

3rd Intake - April 2017

Centre for Social Innovation

(This DO has filled its voucher capacity and is no longer accepting applications to the program)


(In person)

Early-stage entrepreneurs wanting to develop and validate their business models in order to scale

Validated viable tri-impact business model – social, environmental& economic.

Competency in flourishing entrepreneurship & leadership

92 hours in total (22-week program,Jan. -May 2017)

Oct. 2016 -Dec. 2017

Impact Hub Ottawa

(This DO has filled its voucher capacity and is no longer accepting applications to the program)



(In person)

Early-stage social entrepreneurs

Development, launch, and investment readiness



7 months of training and incubation support

25 hours of participatory classroom training (delivered in 5 half-day workshops)

20 hours of directed peer learning through peer support groups

5 hours of one on one coaching sessions with content experts post each workshop

Regular one-on- one check-ins with program coordinator

Impact Hub Ottawa membership benefits

Office and meeting space to establish your enterprise

Open intake round – Sept. 7 to Oct. 7, 2016

Delivery of program to successful applicants - Oct. 7, 2016 to April 30, 2017



MaRS Centre for Impact Investing (MCII)

In class workshops
Growing Ventures with revenues seeking Capital Onboarding to the SVX and connection to impact investors 8 Weeks (6 weeks of workshops) Fall 2016 – Sept. 5, 2016

Spring 2017 – Jan. 27, 2017

The Conseil de la coopération de l’Ontario

Provincial service delivery organization

Offices in Ottawa, Toronto and Sudbury

(In person or videoconference)

Collective enterprises (social enterprises and co-operatives), Francophone, Bilingual

Business development support that includes: legal structure, operations, networking and partnerships, budgeting

Assessment sessions
- 30 hours of advanced coaching
- Basic coaching provided year round

Ongoing starting in Sept. 2017

Centre for Innovative Social Enterprise Development


(In person and online)

Francophone and Anglophone social enterprises

Marketing and sales, financing, impact measurement, growth, and new market opportunities


Fall 2016 – Spring 2017

Community Innovation Lab

(This DO has filled its voucher capacity and is no longer accepting applications to the program)

Durham Region, Northumberland, the Kawarthas, and Markham

(In person)

Early-stage social ventures


Social Venture Development, Launch, Investment Preparedness, Funding Pitch

Participants will have a better understanding of customer channels, target audiences, financing strategy and value proposition.

5 months program (field trip, incubation, coaching, market demo day and supplementary resources online). 

(Total of 60 hours)

Applicant Intake 

Nov.15 2016- Jan. 15, 2017 

Field Trip - May 2017

Workshop Modules (5): 

Feb. - June 2017 

Group Coaching Clinics 

Feb - June 2017 

Monthly Check-ups with Social Entrepreneur in Residence 

Social Innovation Challenge and Demo Day - June 2017

Supplementary Advisory Services -

Feb-June 2017



B. How Funding Works

Social entrepreneur or enterprises apply online using OCE’s AccessOCE system.

  • Applications must be endorsed by a member of the ONE network.
  • Each voucher is valued at $3,000 and is provided directly to the DO.
  • Social entrepreneurs and enterprises will work directly with the DO to redeem the Social Impact Voucher.
  • A maximum of one voucher will be allocated per eligible social entrepreneur or enterprise.
  • Funds are not provided directly to the social entrepreneurs and enterprises.
  • It is the responsibility of the DO and Endorser to work with the applicant social enterprise or entrepreneur to help ensure an accurate and complete application.
  • In addition, it is the responsibility of the Endorser, working with the applicant social enterprise or entrepreneur to help ensure that the service provided is the most appropriate fit for the current stage of the company.
  • DO are responsible for ensuring that social entrepreneurs and enterprises participate in the programs selected and complete all required reporting. Required reports must be submitted and deemed by OCE to be compliant in order to maintain good financial standing with OCE. For more information refer to the reporting section below.


C. Eligibility

Eligibility Criteria of social entrepreneur and enterprise applicants:

  • A demonstrated need for social entrepreneurship business and value-added services along with aptitude for entrepreneurship (i.e., experience and track record; leadership and expertise; network; coachability etc.)
  • The application reflects a social enterprise with a scalable business model and potential for  measurable economic and social impacts
  • Social entrepreneur/enterprise is endorsed by a member of the ONE: a Regional Innovation Centre (RIC), Campus-Linked Accelerator (CLA), On-Campus Entrepreneurship Activities (OCEA) institution.
  • Social entrepreneurs and/or social enterprises must be Ontario-based
  • Social entrepreneurs and/or social enterprises agree to complete surveys directly upon completion of the DO’s offering, and six months later


D. How to Apply

  • Applications can only be submitted through AccessOCE, OCE’s online application system, where full application requirements are listed. A large portion of the application is the Proposal Questions, available for download. These will be uploaded to the full application.
  • Interested social entrepreneurs and enterprises will select the value-added service provided by the DO and contact the DO for eligibility criteria. 
  • On reviewing the social enterprise eligibility, the DO will contact OCE to initiate online applications for eligible social enterprises and entrepreneurs
    • To initiate an online application, the DO would have to send an email to OCE’s Application Support Team ( and provide the following initial information of the social enterprise or entrepreneur, in order for the social enterprise to receive their username and password to access the online application:
      • Delivery Organization Name
      • Social Enterprise Name
      • Social Enterprise Contact Name (Lead Applicant)
      • Position/Title of the lead applicant
      • Social Enterprise or Entrepreneur Mailing Address
      • Work E-mail
      • Contact details
  • Upon receiving a user name and password, the social enterprise or entrepreneur will login to AccessOCE and complete the required fields and attach all required supporting documentation.
    • The social entrepreneurs and enterprises will have to work closely with their chosen Delivery Organization to seek guidance on completing their online application.
    • All applications will also have to be endorsed by a member of the ONE network, before submission
  • Once applications are completed and submitted:
    • All applications will be reviewed for program eligibility
    • All applicants will be notified of funding results by OCE in writing within four to six  weeks of application submission
    • Successful applications will be distributed to the DO to initiate course delivery
      • The selected DO will also have access to applications.


E. Timelines

Social entrepreneurs and enterprises redeeming the vouchers

Application Intake

August 29, 2016 to July 31, 2017

Notification of Results

4-6 weeks after receiving completed application

Survey 1 response from all recipients

Immediately after receiving service

Survey 2 response from all recipients

Six months post-completion

The Ontario Social Impact Voucher (OSIV) Program is a discretionary, non-entitlement  program with limited funding. 


F. Evaluation and Assessment 

  • Applications will be internally reviewed by OCE for completeness, eligibility and fit with program criteria.
  • The application will be assessed on:
    • Need for the support and services being acquired from the selected Delivery Organization
    • Description of problem being solved by the social enterprise
    • The social Enterprise business model and it scalability plan
    • Measures of the anticipated economic and social impacts
    • Track record and experience of team


G. Project Activation and Flow of Funds

  • If the voucher application is approved, the online submitted application will be activated by OCE.
  • OCE funds will flow directly to the DO.


H. Project Reporting Requirements

  • Social entrepreneurs and enterprises will be have to complete two surveys
    1. One immediately after receiving service
    2. One six months post-completion.

Please Note: DO are responsible for working with recipient social entrepreneurs and enterprises to ensure the above surveys are completed. To remain in good financial standing with OCE, reports and surveys must be completed in accordance with timelines.


I. Downloads

For eligibility inquiries, please contact:

Your chosen Delivery Organization 
(Contacts of each Delivery Organization are listed in the detail page of the training and services being provided by the Delivery Organization – see section A. Program Overview and click on the respective Delivery Organizations)

For application initiation or general inquiries, the Delivery Organization will contact:

Application Support Team
(416) 861-1092 x2400

For overall program inquiries, please contact:

Natalia Lobo
Program Manager
(416) 861-1092 x1061