MaRS Centre for Impact Investing

MaRS Centre for Impact Investing

MaRS Centre for Impact Investing course offerings:

MaRS Centre for Impact Investing (MCII) is dedicated to supporting social enterprises through workshops, advisory support, and the SVX (a platform to connect social entrepreneurs with Impact Investors).
We work with entrepreneurs where the impact of their business is core to their success as we believe these business will help change the world for the better.

For those businesses who are further along, with growing revenues and a specific funding opportunity (scaling the team, launching a new product, etc) we have the SVX Pre-Flight program (previously Impact8). This program is laser focused on preparing ventures for their pitch by coaching them through the creation of their "deal room" material, helping them refine their approach to sales, and position them for success post funding. It includes mentor support for each venture throughout the program and culminates in a pitch opportunity in front of an audience of investors.

Social Impact Voucher Programming:

The program will include the following activities and objectives:

  • Cohort Activities: Theory of Change, Sales strategy, Branding, Impact measurement, Finance fundamentals, Valuation strategies, Legal considerations, Investor Materials, Investor types
  • One-on-One Activities: Pitch presentation, Mentorship
  • Objectives: Over all – the goal of the program is to better prepare entrepreneurs for investment, and indirectly, improve their business model, impact measurement strategy and sales approach. Specific objectives include:
    • One Pager (executive summary)
    • 30s Pitch
    • Pitch Presentation (slides and delivery)
    • Financial Model
    • Theory of Change
    • Impact measurement strategy

Course Content:


Expected Outcome


Theory of Change

Introduce the concept of Theory of Change and how the entrepreneurs can include it into their business planning to ensure their impact is linked to their business activities


Sales Strategy (operations)

Introduce the idea of CRM and sales tools to entrepreneurs to encourage them to think strategically about their approach to sales.



Introduce the importance of brand to BtoC and BtoB business to ensure theycreate a brand that is valued in the industry.


Impact Measurement

Help the entrepreneurs think about their true impact and how to effectively measure it and report back to stakeholders. This includes in introduction to typical Impact measurement tools and processes.


Finance Fundamentals (Valuation)

Help the entrepreneurs to understand the  value of financial statements, and what information is the most important for investors. We will also walk through the creation of a financial forecast and assumptions to create a realistic prediction for the company.


Legal Fundamentals

Provide an opportunity for the entrepreneurs to hear from legal experts, ask specific questions and get feedback on their legal obligations through incorporation, patent filing and fund raising.


Investor Materials (Deal Room)

This workshop will run through all of the materials typically included in a deal room and provide additional insights to the cohort to ensure they are including the best information for investors.


Investor Types

Provide an overview on the types of capital and the types of investors. This session will end in a panel with impact investors answering specific questions from the entrepreneurs.



This provides an overview of the perfect pitch including the slides, body language, voice over, and the overall story of the pitch. Entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to practice and receive feedback from advisors and fellow companies.


Demo Day

Selected finalists will present to an audience of investors and potential partners.


If you are interested in receiving the training/services from the MaRS Centre for Impact Investing, please contact:

Kevin Taylor
Senior Associate, Venture Advisory 
Centre for Impact Investing at MaRS Discovery District
(416) 356-1972