The Centre for Innovative Social Enterprise Development


The Centre for Innovative Social Enterprise Development (CISED) is undertaking a cluster-based approach as a community economic development strategy to grow the social and economic impact of social enterprises in Ottawa. This type of strategy focuses on improving a cluster’s performance by addressing the common needs of the businesses within the sector. Over the next 18 months, CISED intends to work with three different clusters consisting of 20 social enterprises. Though cluster development work is an ongoing process, our approach will focus on three-to-six month delivery periods that will vary in content and delivery method based on the identified needs of the cluster. Major themes for discussion will revolve around marketing and sales, financing, impact measurement, growth, and new market opportunities. Building on this new-found knowledge and collaboration between cluster members, CISED will then facilitate integration into one or more supply chains to provide social enterprises with new market opportunities and a chance for increased growth through social procurement. As a result, we envision the establishment of three sustainable clusters which can be readily implemented into a variety of diverse supply chains. This in turn will lead to more sustainable growth within each social enterprise separately, as well as increased opportunities for social and economic impact collectively in the community.

Social Impact Voucher Programming:

CISED’s unique value proposition is its in-depth knowledge and experience in the area of social enterprise as well as its connections to other intermediaries that offer complementary programming and services.

Course Content:


Expected Outcome


Initial formation of individual clusters


Food Services: July 2016

3Rs: July - Sept. 2016

Services: July - Sept. 2016

Identification of cluster objectives and opportunities

Cluster forms and collective objectives and opportunities are identified.


Food Services: July 2016

3R: Aug. - Sept. 2016

Services: Aug. - Sept. 2016

Prioritization of strategic activities to enhance cluster performance

Cluster members identify priority activities

Food Services: Aug. 2016

3R: Fall 2016

Services: Fall 2016

Design of cluster support program

Customized support program is developed for the cluster. Delivery of support is intended to take place over a 3-6 month period.

Food Services: Aug. - Sept. 2016

3R: Winter 2016

Services: Winter 2016

Evaluation of cluster support program.

Assessment of cluster development and capacity.

Determination of next steps for cluster.

Collection and analysis of evaluation data.

Determination of next steps.

Food Services: Spring 2017

3R: Spring/Summer 2017

Services: Summer 2017

If you are interested in receiving the training/services from the Centre for Innovative Social Enterprise Development, please contact:

Douglas Pawson
Executive Director
CISED - Centre for Innovative Social Enterprise Development
(613) 277-3593