The Conseil de la coopération de l’Ontario

Conseil de cooperation de l'Ontario

The Conseil de la coopération de l’Ontario (CCO) is a social entreprise founded in 1964. The CCO is the organization of choice for the education, the promotion, the consultation and the provision of advisory services to ensure sustainable development of Francophone and Bilingual co-operatives and social enterprises in Ontario. The CCO offers support, training, coaching and organizational development services, centered on collective businesses, that is to say such businesses who fall under the Co-Operative Corporations Act of Ontario, or non-for-profit organizations or even businesses affiliated with the social economy sector. Our services include the structural development of a new business (constitutive text writing process, including the business model, marketing studies, corporate regulations, feasibility studies, project plans, etc.), the strategic development for new and emerging businesses, micro funding as well as evaluations and specialized studies. The CCO offers as well workshops to entrepreneurs and to the public on collective businesses. Whether it is through our online portal or through in person workshops, we support the social economy entrepreneurs in their desire to grow their expertise and their technical skills. With our three offices across the province, located in Ottawa (serving Eastern Ontario), Sudbury (serving Northern Ontario) and Toronto (serving South Western Ontario), we have the technical capacity to assist and consolidate all collective enterprises.

Social Impact Voucher Programming:

  1. The workshops will mainly be offered as individual training sessions, with occasional group sessions on a yearly basis. The CCO, through its long experience and by its central position in the business sector in Ontario, is able to propose training and coaching on all subjects relating to business planning. Specific themes will be identified on a personalized basis, because each individual requires specific needs. Certain groups may need for example a marketing strategy, while others may need human resources support. Common problematics encountered among various groups may be explored in shared training sessions or even during webinars (thus gathering a greater number of individuals, independently of their geographic location).
  2. Only frequent activities are listed. Each business case may be relatively different outside of these recurring activities.

Course Content:


Expected Outcome


Market research

The CCO delivers a full market research to the sponsor group

30 h

Feasibility studies

The CCO delivers a full feasibility study to the sponsor

30 h

Business Plan

The CCO delivers a full business plan to the sponsor group

30 h

Operating Budget

The CCO delivers a full operating budget to the sponsor group

30 h

If you are interested in receiving the training/services from The Conseil de la coopération de l’Ontario, please contact: 

Julien Geremie
Directeur du développement 
Director of Development 
Conseil de la coopération de l'Ontario
192, avenue Spadina, bureau 212
Toronto, Ontario, M5T 2C2
(416) 364-4545