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Dvine Laboratories

Dvine Laboratories is committed to becoming a World Leader in the manufacturing and packaging of specialized products. We strive to set the benchmark in manufacturing through rigorous quality and regulatory policies. All products manufactured within our facilities meet and exceed all current and future requirements through policy and self regulated framework.


Manufacturer of hand sanitizer with production capacity of 75,000 to 80,000 units per week. With current demand, approximately one to two week lead time.


Not applicable

Disinfectant Fogging Service

Disinfectant fogging Service offers products that are non-toxic, Health Canada Certified and eliminate 99.99% of bacteria, viruses, germs and pathogens. Fogging spray provides a deep and thorough clean in hard to reach areas.

Disinfecting residential homes and commercial or community spaces.

Not applicable

Systems Plus

Systems Plus is an industry-leading manufacturer and supplier of sampling and testing equipment in North America, partnering with businesses across a variety of industries, from environmental and agricultural to manufacturing and healthcare.

We are here to help in whatever way that we can. Currently, we have acquired a small amount of materials to make hand-sanitizer. Not enough to supply a large amount of the population, but something we could look at ramping up. Anything that needs assembled, packaged, etc. we would be an ideal place to do that.

Not applicable

Deep Trekker Inc.

We are a robotics manufacturer; we have recently redesigned one of our robot platforms to be a UV-C decontamination robot that can be remotely operated to enter spaces and decontaminate.

We have a portable remotely operated UV-C decontamination robot.

We need collaboration on testing, certification.

Brilliant Photonics Inc.

Brilliant Photonics Inc. develops high power horticulture lighting systems for use in Greenhouses and Controlled Environments.

We are here to help in whatever way that we can. Currently, we have acquired a small amount of materials to make hand-sanitizer. Not enough to supply a large amount of the population, but something we could look at ramping up. Anything that needs assembled, packaged, etc. we would be an ideal place to do that.

  • Project funding
  • Market Analysis
  • Electronics manufacturing
  • CNC Machining
  • Virus testing against UV-C light
  • CSA/ Health Canada Certification
  • Robotics Partner

Shrader Canada Limited

We are an Oakville-based international manufacturer of OEM and aftermarket service chemicals for the automotive, industrial, heavy duty and powersport markets.

We have the production capacity to make disinfectant and hand sanitizers; and the warehousing & distribution expertise to ensure it gets to the destination. We have expertise with flammables and other regulated and non-regulated product.

  • Assistance with gaining regulatory approval (DIN). The ingredients are already known to be effective according to CDC/EPA. The formular uses either 70% (disinfectant) or 60% (hand sanitizer) Isopropyl Alcohol by volume.
  • Access to supply of Isopropyl Alcohol (99% purity).

Datec Coating

Datec is a custom heating element manufacturer, specializing in our patented thick film heating solutions. Our team of dedicated research scientists and engineers has led the industry for over 20 years creating heating solutions for industries that include: commercial food service, medical and precision devices, electronics, automotive, and appliances.

Expertise in ceramic chemistry, polymer chemistry, coatings and heating technology. We have chemists, technicians and a facility that can be deployed to help if anyone is looking for the production for coating formulations.

We see an opportunity with the development and production of anti-viral coatings

Blue-Zone Technologies

Blue -Zone Technologies Ltd. is a cleantech-based pharmaceutical company, a Health Canada and FDA approved GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) Facility registered in Ontario. Blue -Zone has an active Drug Establishment Licence (DEL) from Health Canada to manufacture pharmaceuticals, including generic anesthetics through the use of its globally innovative /patented Ontario- born technologies to help Ontario's endeavour to minimize spread of corona virus and enhance Ontarians' health and safety during these difficult times, this hand sanitizer will be manufactured in our Health Canada approved facility under strict guidance and set and approved procedures. Any raw material imported will be tested before use in the finished product.

  • GMP Compliant Manufacturing capability
  • Cleanroom capability/controlled storage space
  • Drug Establishment License (Health Canada and FDA)
  • Health Canada License to manufacture hand sanitizer
  • Additional capital for scale up of hand sanitizer
  • Sourcing raw materials to support hand sanitizer manufacturing
  • Access to provincial procurement
  • Additional distribution partners

Hamill Agricultural Processing Solutions

Hamill Agricultural Processing Solutions is a general fabrication full service machine shop.

We can support others with our department of engineering. We also have a UVC sanitizer that we use in the microgreens industry. Many studies have said that this method works for MERS and SARS viruses. We think that it will work for COVID-19 as well. It can sterilize thousands of pieces of PPE per day.

Testing capabilities.

Aereus Technologies

Permanent Antimicrobial copper alloy coating for most surfaces patient room surfaces.

Our copper alloy coatings can be applied to equipment in the front line to reduce virus survivability on high touch surfaces.

Robotic automation would be helpful.

Assendire Therapeutics Inc.

Early stage involvement in drug design and architectural intelligence.

AI based platform for predicting drug design.

Collaborators in drug discovery to work with on the platfrom.

HPS Biotech Inc.

HPS Biotech has launched a new product, BIOBOOST to be used by fermenters. Note not all distillers do fermentation as some acquire alcohol to then distill it to their desire percentage as per the market addressed. We do not produce alcohol or hand sanitizers and our product is not incorporated into hand sanitizers. It is used in the production of the main ingredient in hand sanitizers, ethyl alcohol or ethanol. Our BIOBOOST product, when used at the start of fermentation during alcohol production, increases the production of alcohol (ethanol or ethyl alcohol) by alcohol producers by 25% per batch with no other change required to the work or materials of the fermenter. This increase occurs whether it is alcohol intended for consumption (food grade), for industrial, pharmaceutical or cosmetic purposes. At the same time, our product shortens the fermentation time by 25%. This frees up the fermentation equipment if the fermenting company wishes to increase its production even more because it will have more batches of supplements in the same period, in addition to having more alcohol in each batch.

A product that increases the production and capacity of alcohol for use in hand sanitizer.

Introductions to fermenters, alcohol producers and hand santizer manufacturers.

TAAB Cleaning

Taab Cleaning is a professional commercial cleaning services and well-equipped to deep clean in COVID situations

Well-equipped to deep clean in COVID situations

Get access to some government and corporate contract by advertising our services.





Canada Rubber Group

Manufacturer of custom-cut parts made from rubber, plastic, foam, sponge, silicone, and more. Approx 60 staff, founded in 1987. Serving manufacturing, automotive and industrial customers around the world.


In-house CNC and Die cutting of parts made from rubber, plastic, foam, sponge, silicone and more. Can supply clear, anti-fog PET face shields cut to spec. Can supply adhesive-backed foam strips for face shield assembly. Can perform face shield assemblies


Looking to partner with company producing plastic molded or printed headpiece for face shield or companies selling final product in need to our production and/or assembly capability.

ST Design

Has a design for N95 masks and needs asssitance with a 3D printer, as well as working on a cost effective ventilator design.

In need of checking design with a 3D printer.

Requires 3D printer/industry partner to manufacture design.

Whitney Plastics

Whitney Plastics Limited supplies companies like Research in Motion (designers of BlackBerry), Bondo Corp. LePage, and Sunstar Butler with their complete packaging needs. Our facility also supplies specialty trays for use in the medical and electronic industry.

Face Masks and Sheild production - vaccum forming.

Not applicable

Ground Effects

Ground Effects makes automotive accessories but we also have a 3D printer.

We can 3D print parts for protective masks.

3D printing

Sheertex Inc.

Sheertex Inc. is an established industrial scale manufacturer located in Montreal. We specialize in highly technological textile manufacturing.

We are prototyping durable, custom fit, reusable N95 certified masks. The masks will be made in Canada using a novel process and with materials stockpiled or sourced within Canada as one of our design mandates.

  • Medical manufacturing expertise
  • Certification
  • Regulatory
  • General Fabrication

Carmina de Young

Carmina De Young is a 100% Canadian owned designer and manufacturer of fashion collections using sustainable eco-friendly practices. The Carmina team has pivoted during this time of crisis to produce high quality, resuable, eco-conscious gowns and masks.

Carmina is a able to provide cloth based reusable medical gowns. These do not meet operating room standards for penetration resistance, but meet the needs of non-hospital medical professionals who need protection.

Not applicable

Ontario Die International Inc.

Founded in 1923 as a family-owned single plant operation, Ontario Die has developed into the world’s leading manufacturer of quality cutting dies. Today Ontario Die International has manufacturing facilities located in Canada, the United States, Mexico, the Czech Republic and China.

ODI is investing in equipment that would allow for automated production of the next generation surgical masks based on FDA approved anti-bacterial and anti-viral material.

Not applicable


3D printing and 3D design

Provide products to help hospitals and frontline workers.

Medical manufacturing expertise, information on certifications and help making "finished" quality products instead of prototypes.


Arylla connects products to the internet using an invisible, chipless tag. The tag is based on a specialty ink that we've developed in house, which can be printed on the surface of any label and is readable with a smartphone. Our team has eight people and our headquarters is located in Kitchener.

Here are the different ways our resources can be used:

  • Large scale production of filter fabric for masks
  • Printing of labels/packaging for other essential products
  • authenticity labels to protect the integrity of domestic supply

The three partners needed to proceed with this product are:

  • Academic labs with access to the right testing equipment (automated filter testing machines, aerosol generators, optical particle counters, etc.)
  • Authorities from Health Canada and/or Ministry of Labour, who are able to certify the performance of our fabric
  • Manufacturers to convert the fabric into masks

Christie Digital

We are an advance display device (projectors and emissive) manufacturer with class 10,000 and class 1,000 (non-registered) clean rooms. We do all component assembly and final product testing on site with skilled, college educated work force. We utilize precision robotic assembly. We do limited machining and 3D printing on site. We have environmental testing capabilities on site (full anechoic chamber, 3m EMC chamber (not certified), large and small thermal chambers, large vibe table, instron). Full engineering design capabilities (electrical, optical, mechanical, and software).

Design and manufacture of high end display devices for the professional market. Cinema and Enterprise projectors. Direct view display LED walls. We are already 3D printing faceshield components in partnership with Inksmith and Stratasys. Looking for opportunities to utilize product staff/assembly capabilities and clean room capabilities in support of effort.

Medical manufacturing expertise, including certification, regulatory, and most component manufacturing (electronic, optical, textile, tooling). We need a partner that knows how to produce and sell for the medical market, we can bring additional bandwidth in design, assembly, and some mechanical component manufacturing (machining and 3D printing).

Precision Woodcraft

We are a CNC shop, meaning we have computerized cutting equipment that can be used to cut plastic.

Offering to use shop for PPE production.

Sourcing of materials required, PPE design.

Cambrian College of Applied Arts and Technology

With Cambrian R&D, you gain access to all of the facilities and more than 80 programs at Cambrian College. We bring together professors and students to create multi-disciplinary solutions. Together, we’ll make a great team.

Access to their labs and equipment.


Mabel's Labels

Mabel’s Labels is the best-known brand of durable labels for families, and our growing line of products features baby bottle labels, allergy and medical alert products, sports labels, household labels and seasonal items. They’re extremely durable, they’re laundry, dishwasher and microwave safe – and they’re 100% guaranteed.

Our specialty is labels and we can absolutely print labels for PPE.We have a lot of printing equipment, laser & CNC, we have staff and space. We have proven we can make face masks out of PETG material and we have access to foam adhesive strips. Our equipment could also print wall signage on non-damaging material. We can produce durable non-slip floor markers/advertising for retail. We can PRINT just about anything and all of our suppliers are willing to help us bring in new material and learn new ways of learning new ways of using our existing equipment.


International Sew Right

Since 1983, International Sew Right is 100% women owned and has been manufacturing and custom designing safety clothing and related items with a no minimum order in most instances.
International Sew Right Co is a Tier 1 & Tier 2 company that has been shipping across Canada and Exporting Internationally to the USA, Brazil, and India.

Since 1983 International Sew Right the award winning manufactures who can custom designs PPE, Face masks, gowns, coveralls, sleeves, aprons, head protections, shirts, pants, lab coats, and a variety of high technological products made from the aluminized and high temperature textiles. Laboratory covers for equipment, electrician arc flash clothing and more.

At this time we are looking into manufacturing the surgical gowns surgical pads, surgeon caps, cross arm straps with D rings, Tie back surgeon caps, as well as pull curtains and any custom work you need completed.

ApySys Technologies Inc.

ApoSys Technologies Inc. makes advanced equipment, products and solutions to address the critical needs of industries.

ApoSys makes the automation machinery to make PPE and package the products. At this stage, we can quickly fabricate the full automated flat masks making machinery to the market.

ApoSys would like to connect with factories that are planning to enter into the essential medical device markets including masks, gowns, gloves, and drugs. We can design and fabricate machines based on their specification and requirement.

Automated Technical Systems

Automated Technical Systems have created a thermo-forming system to produce N95 surgical masks. Can add a degree of automation to increase productivity quality and safety.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Moulding, sterilization and cleanroom capability, medical manufacturing expertise, including certification, regulatory, quality control, labeling, packaging, logistics.

Stratus Plastics International

Plastics custom injection molder.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Market analysis

ISO-LUX Manufacturing Company Limited

ISO-LUX Manufacturing Co. Ltd., established in 1975, is an ISO 9001:2008 certified precision metal fabricating company. Employing 30 people, we are fully equipped for C.N.C. Laser cutting, C.N.C. punching, forming, welding, hardware installation, assembly and general machining. We also have presses for hard tooled stampings and an in-house tool-making department. ISO-LUX provides support to engineering departments during new product development and will run quantities from a single prototype to large volume production. Having divisions that do powder coating, screen printing and metal spinning enables us to provide a solution-based approach to clients and gives us control over quality and delivery of the finished product.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

At the current time, we only have prototypes I need to build the tooling to manufacture the product.|Already own a small manufacturing company we have the ability to manufacture but would need support with|Sterilization, Certification, Regulatory packaging Academic expertise.||I also need to work with Health Canada on regulations of a protective mask.

Axiom Plastics

Face shield tooling.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Looking for financing for tooling lineup.

Tridome Structure

Based in Montreal, Tridome Structures specializes in the supply and installation of tension fabric structures. Uniquely working with different manufactures, we are able to provide a structure that delivers superior quality that is completely customized to any project. Each manufacturer has individual design benefits.

Interested in supporting the need for quick-build, rapidly deployable structures for the expansion of medical centres.

Not applicable

Nova Institute

An export consultant for India and the Middle East. The company imports snack food products in private labels from EU, India and China. They identify suppliers and obtain regualtory approvals from the imported food items.

Early stage prototype of fever sensor. The sensor is based on thermal imaging.

Looking for manufacturer who could scale up the technology.

Indigo Marketing Solutions Ltd.

An export consultant for India and the Middle East. The company imports snack food products in private labels from EU, India and China. They identify suppliers and obtain regualtory approvals from the imported food items.

Connecting companies with global suppliers and helps navigate the foreign markets.

Looking for companies interested in importing supplies from other countries.

Windsor Machine Group

Capable of cut and sewing of gowns and masks. Have over 1,000 sewers in Mexico facility that usually supplies automotive seating cut and sew of seat trim covers using cloth, vinyl and leather materials. Also have in house plastic molding including plastic printers. Capable of forming of tubes as well as large scale polyurethane foam molding. We are a tier one supplier to the automotive capable of design from ground up of many products. Large scale large volume production. Produce 20M headrest and armrest assemblies per year.

Cutting and sewing of hospital gowns and masks. Any assembly work needed for ventilators or other items as needed.

Certain designs or gown/mask patterns. We can design as needed.

Safe Supplies Canada

It is a doors and windows manufacturer who responded to the call of action to help out the province in PPE supplies. The company provides surgical face masks and gowns and bedding.

Three ply face masks and hospital gowns and bedding. Their capacity is 3,000-5,000 masks per day.

Looking for clients who are interested in purchasing their PPE.





NERv Technology Inc.

Medical device startup with expertise in-house expertise on biosensors, R&D, regulatory affairs, and commercialization. Our technical expertise lie particularly in electrochemical biosensors for diagnostic applications, as well as system integration.


Our existing product is a diagnostic platform for post-operative monitoring of high-risk patients in real-time. We monitor several biomarkers continuously in bodily fluids that can assist in earlier detection of complications, thereby enabling earlier and simpler interventions, better clinical outcomes, and reduced economic burdens. We're working on a POC that can be deployed at healthcare facilities across Canada, from major metropolitan areas to rural communities, to rapidly screen individuals before they re-enter the public sphere and to aid in the diagnosis of patients that are suspected of being carriers of SARS-CoV-2. Our device would utilize scalable disposable sensors to interface with patient sputum/swabs and infer a diagnosis within 20 minutes from sample collection. Our expertise with electro-conductive polymers and diagnostic devices will enable us to rapidly develop this technology further and harness it within disposable a POC device for mass-adoption.


Expertise in electrochemical-based biosensors, particularly utilizing DNA probes or aptamers. Access to BSL-2 facilities and to cleanroom facilities.

Kerber Applied Research Inc.

Kerber Applied Research Inc. (KAR) is a research and development company that has developed medical technology.

Kerber Applied Research Inc. has developed a biophotonics medical device that uses a high-powered LED system to deliver photons of specific wavelengths, which could help to strengthen the immune system to support the body in combatting infections such as COVID-19 more effectively. This supportive therapy could be particularly helpful in populations that are more susceptible to complications from COVID-19 infections, such as seniors.

We need to get funding to proceed, fast tracked regulatory process, academic expertise and clinicians. We need approvals to get these devices into seniors homes or hospitals to have the greatest impact.

Illumacell Inc.

Illumacell provides very high power LED technology to activate photosensitive drugs for selective destruction of the opportunistic infections in the lungs.

Illumacell provides very high power LED technology to activate photosensitive drugs for selective destruction of the opportunistic infections in the lungs. Illumacell has developed and patented a photodynamic therapy (PDT) light treatment that can be combined with a photosensitive FDA approved prodrug (5-Ala) to selectively kill bacteria and viruses. Importantly, this PDT technology is the only light source in existence to be powerful enough to deliver photons deep into the chest cavity to activate the prodrug. Therefore, Illumacell's PDT technology has the potential to be a therapeutic medical device to treat infections in the lungs, including COVID-19.

Academic expertise, testing on animals at a level 4 lab for initial proof of concept. Fast tracking regulatory required. Funding for research and implementation of device in the field. Clinicians that would like to work with us.

Luna Nanotech

Luna Nanotech is a Toronto-based nanotechnology company. We provide a range of solution for biomedical research, as well as developing diagnostic solutions for detection of infectious pathogens.

We are offering viral nucleic acid purification solutions that are already used for the diagnosis of COVID-19.

We have a preliminary prototype of our automated diagnostic system for our proprietary nanoparticle based molecular diagnostics. We are now looking for partners that could help convert our current system into high throughput hospital ready device.

AiVie Inc.

AiVie Inc. is a Canadian biotechnology company developing innovative antibody therapies for diseases with high unmet medical needs. Our team brings over 100 years experience in end to end antibody based therapeutic and diagnostic product development for infectious diseases and immuno-oncology.

We offer a fully integrated platform from target discovery, antibody development, functional validation and manufacturing scalability for therapeutic and diagnostic antibody development. As part of our end-to-end therapeutic development, we offer antibody optimization for enhanced efficacy and various routes of delivery including oral, intra-nasal and topical. We can multimerize antibodies including functional bi- and tri-specific antibody development for both therapeutics and diagnostic applications. We offer speed, quality and cost efficiency with typical antibody development from start to finish in less than nine months.

We are looking for interested collaborators in testing and validating:

  • The functional activity of our antibody
  • Have expertise in cell line development (Pichia pastoris) with antibodies
  • Regulatory expertise
  • Clinical testing and development

Anogen - Yes Biotech

Anogen-Yes Biotech Laboratories Ltd. is a biotech company located in Mississauga, Canada. Founded in 1989, we have been a proud supplier of high quality antibody-based products for 30 years. We offer more than 300 monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies and more than 60 types of ELISA kits for research, diagnostic and therapeutic applications.

We have three human cytokine storm diagnostic kits that are currently registered ""For Research Purposes Only"", however we feel this Multiplex Human Cytokine Storm kit could potentially have a number of possible use cases in COVID-19.

  1. Diagnostic: to assess COVID-19 symptom severity and aid in patient triage planning for ventilators given the kit tests for multiple respiratory inflammatory (cytokine) factors as a result of a potential infection
  2. Future Pandemics: In possible future viral pandemics, to identify potentially infected patients for quarantine prior to specific genetic diagnostic test availability. Given it could take months to identify the genetic sequence of the next viral outbreak and longer to then develop a specific genetically-based diagnostic.

Such a diagnostic kit could potentially identify the cytokines responding to the infection and then create personalized medicine (targeted mAbs) against this inflammatory response allowing for early/faster vaccine development.

  1. Canadian academic Institution to partner with to apply for government grants to do the required testing for approval for their Human Multiplex Cytokine Storm kit as a diagnostic.
  2. Commercial partner for diagnostic kit to assist in Regulatory filings and commercialization, including large-scale manufacturing.
  3. Commercial partner to assist in monoclonal antibody drug development. Anogen has a number of mAb pre-clinical projects underway, including a Cytokine Storm project, and needs clinical and regulatory resources to continue clinical development.

Objective Pathology Services Limited

We operate a global network of digital pathology imaging services allowing whole slide images of glass pathology slides to be viewed remotely for research, education, consultation, or diagnosis.

Image scanning, hosting, and networking services.

We provide a platform, but a whole solution would require workflow, such as APLIS/LIS solution, and pathologists or researchers with COVID-19 domain expertise. For primary diagnosis, regulatory rules must be clarified.

m-Health Solutions Inc.

m-Health Solutions specializes in remote patient monitoring and cardiac diagnostics. Using leading-edge technologies, m-Health Solutions has created a system where the patient is the center of care. Once attached to the patient, the mobile technology sends cardiac data directly to a centralized and secure facility where a cardiac technologist reviews the information in near real-time. In the event of an urgent finding, the cardiologist is immediately notified. The service includes a patient-centric system that delivers the monitoring technology directly to a patient's home.

Remote patient monitoring.

Not applicable

MyDX Canada

MyDx Canada is developing an accurate 15-min Rapid COVID-19 Digitized Diagnostic Test Kit that is suitable for both professional users in healthcare settings such as COVID-19 assessment centers as well as for at home consumers and business owners who desire to determine whether a person has developed sufficient antibodies in their blood that would classify and certify them as ""COVID-19 Immune"" and safe to return to workforce. MyDx is also in the process of retooling its existing remote testing platform currently used for water quality and pesticide testing to create a doctor supervised and certified COVID-19 at home testing platform, with guidance of a medical professional in person or via telehealth, backed by verified digital credential authorization for both the doctor and patient, and an automated software which will record, interpret, and deliver testing results to the doctor, patient, and regulatory bodies in real time.

Antibody testing

Canadian certification, packaging and quality control.

Hybrid Biomedical Optics (HBO) Lab - York University

HBO Lab, lead by Prof. Nima Tabatabaei, designs and develops thermal and optical imaging technologies and devices with applications in medical diagnosis and screening.

Diagnostic testing, vaccines and treatments.

We are looking for an industry partner that is developing rapid testing of COVID-19 based on lateral flow assay (LFA) strips. We believe our technology would significantly improve the detection/threshold limit of test strips used for rapid detection of COVID-19. Order of magnitude improvement in detection threshold using our technology has been demonstrated in other applications such as detecting cannabis in saliva.

Kennedy Labs

R&D company, Kennedy Labs is a nanofabrication company creating graphene and other graphene like 2D materials for microelectronic applications and novel stand alone devices. Using a variety of nanofabrication techniques to deposit or infuse 2D material into nanolaminates, membranes, dispersions and wafer scale structures, Kennedy Labs can help you integrate 2D materials into your products or subcomponents to deliver quantum performance benefits to your specific industrial application.

Fabricate sensor or other microelectronic devices for covid-19 immunosensors or covid-19 virus detection.

Funding program inquiry.

SYNG Pharmaceuticals

SYNG Pharma is a pre-clinical stage biotechnology company dedicated to developing next generation diagnostic and therapeutic against endometriosis. The company is developing a novel peptide, SP011, to inhibit a target now known for its role in the proliferation of cells. SYNG Pharma has a potential to develop a treatment that would be a much needed alternative to currently available, partly ineffective, hormonal therapy. There are many other potential applications of SYNG Pharma technology including the treatment of fibroids and uterine sarcoma; breast and prostate cancer which may be further developed depending upon corporate interests and an opportunity for partnership.

Diagnostic testing, vaccines and treatments research capability.

Funding program inquiry.

Viscore Technologies Inc.

Viscore was founded to supply optical components to the networking industry. Since 2018, 2018 the company began the work of optimizing the RoCE software solution to work over lossy Ethernet and began testing at higher data rates (25Gbps, 100Gbps).

Optical, laser based technology provider, capability to design and manufacture Optical temperature measurement equipment.

Partnership, funding programs.

Precision Biomonitoring Inc.

"Precision Biomonitoring Inc. provides on-site DNA surveillance and detection solutions for any organism in any environment, delivering results in minutes to accelerate decision-making and action for human health point of care, environmental sustainability, and food & beverage quality and safety. We are offering a SARS-CoV-2 point of care test kit to Canadian Health Care Professionals. The kit consists of a mobile, handheld thermocycler, sample preparation kit and the assay strips to detect two RNA sequences that are unique the virus. The kit works with a smartphone app and produces a result in about an hour. New use cases for testing are enabled with this kit that increase worker safety, expedites time to result and contribute to better control of the spread of the COVID-19 disease. Rural and remote communities will be better served with this technology."

Not applicable.

Can you please help us identify canadian manufacturers, perhaps more than one, that can:

  • produce oligos (primers and probes under ISO 13485)
  • multiplex three assays in a 0.1uL PCR tube
  • production rate of minimum 500 tests per day

AFKA Informatics

Start-up combining AI, ML with software developement for drug design.

AI, big data and analytics workflows, and diagnostic outcome for drug design.

  1. Data sets for applying data analysis, data mining, modeling and interpretation
  2. Some potential partners are companies in biopharma, biotechnology and med/health that generate data and need analytics and modeling workflows.


Strongpoint develops automated systems to manage risk in complex systems, embedded AI-systems that solve complex risk problems by classifying risks, assigning appropriate responses and auditing behaviour to determine compliance.

Post lockdown, design systems (app) to manage how freely individuals can interact that certifies the level of social distancing that the user has maintained over the preceding 14 days. The benefit to a user who adopts the app is the potential to safely visit friends and relatives and soon restaurants and businesses in a safe and certified way.

  1. Introduction to health policy contacts at the provincial and federal levels.
  2. Look for funding for this project as well.

TriPhyll Inc.

TriPhyll offers an anti-microbial anti-viral coating.

Anti-microbial, anti-viral coating for face shields.

Looking for partners to test the technology.

Olympic Scientific Corp.

Tool and die company that manufactures steel components.

Specialized in wheel chair fabrication and assembly.

Collaborators who are looking for steel tool and die cutters.





Melitron Corporation

Melitron is a leading designer, developer, and manufacturer of metal enclosures, electro-mechanical systems, and outdoor digital display solutions for various markets including communications, energy, entertainment, healthcare, industrial, restaurant, retail, security, and transportation. As a full service manufacturer of digital display products and contract manufacturing programs, Melitron provides end-to-end services to take projects from concept, new product introduction, and prototyping through to production manufacturing, electro-mechanical systems integration, and global delivery. The Company's world class facilities feature the most advanced technologies in manufacturing, robotics and automation and are certified to meet the stringent standards of regulatory requirements across industries. Established in 1995, Melitron Corporation is a Canadian company headquartered in Guelph, Ontario.


Melitron can provide engineering, design, prototyping , rapid launch and mass production as it relates to ventilators and other electro-mechanical medical devices.



Ultramet Industries

Metal stamping, assembly and custom machining.

We can make parts for ventilators, brackets etc. we have a team of people who can build , modify and fix equipment, as well as team members that are highly trained and can follow workflows and procedures.

We need someone to work with to build. We could even make cookie cuter dies for mask production, ventilator parts, tents hospital beds.


Acerta is an automotive analytics company that provides machine learning and AI solutions that help our customers identify failures within their components and assemblies, both in the field and on the assembly line. Our goal is to improve quality and reduce the time it takes to troubleshoot an issue on the assembly line.

When these automotive companies are setting up and retooling to build ventilators Acerta can assist in the ramp up time, or the time it takes to fine tune the process. As new assembly lines are being built it is extremely difficult to pinpoint the source of a failure as it could be a failure that has never been seen before. Acerta's LinePulse Platform uses data to identify exactly where the defective assemblies differ from good assemblies.

We need an assembly process to analyze. Insights into how the assembly is put together. Information regarding failure modes that occur during the assembly process.

Electromate Inc.

A premiere source for High Performance Robotic and Mechatronic Solutions, Electromate® distributes AC & DC Servo and Stepper Motors, Drives, Controls, Positioning Systems & Robots, all supported via extensive product selection, just-in-time & consignment inventory, dedicated customer service and technical engineering support.

Team has worked on ventilator design (open sourced) to make it easy to manufacture and source material.

Looking for collaboration with manufacturers to produce the ventilators.

Maxitech Medical Inc.

Distributor & supplier of medical equipment (operating table, ICU beds, monitors etc.)

Has connections with manufacturers in Sweden & Iran for supply.

Wants to set up manufacturing in Ontario. Looking for capital, contractor and investors.

Papp Plastics & Distributing Ltd.

We have a manifold concept that can be attached to a ventilator that would allow up to eight patients to be ventilated using one machine.

Lack of ventilators available for patients during the current crisis.

Molding, 3D printing, manufacturing personnel, quality control, labeling, packaging and logistics.

Waygate Technologies

Industrial CT and X-ray services available at no charge. Reverse Engineering services. Fully equipped lab available to support ventilator production ramp up using non destructive testing and inspection services.

Defect detection, measurements, reverse Engineering, Cad/Nominal comparison, non destructive testing and inspection.

3D printing companies looking for support.

Kilmarnock Enterprise

Kilmarnock Enterprise is an industrial service company that prides itself in providing 24/7 servicing to industrial clients.

Engineering services company has capability on design, engineering and has facility available.

Partnership, funding programs.

Robotiques Haply Inc.

Haply is a team of engineering experts and software developers specialized in mechatronic systems with a successful track record in rapid prototyping of user-centric designs. Haply's objective is to develop innovative products that improve access, performance and ease of use in the fields of medtech, training simulations, and virtual reality. We have designed an affordable ventilator. Out of 150 designs, our prototype has been down-selected as a semi-finalists in the MUHC Code Life Ventilator challenge. We are ready to move from prototype to product and are looking for partners.

Our ventilator was developed as a makers kit (think IKEA) that can be easily assembled at the final location and to facilitate transportation, particularly for field locations. We designed with robust supply chain in mind - understanding the global shortages and shipping delays - and have a low bill of materials. We believe there is an opportunity here to bring a ventilator to market in developing regions that are limited in resources and in remote locations.

Not applicable

Horizon Precision Inc.

Horizon Precision is high-precision machined components manufactured by an experienced team of individuals. Horizon Precision is a detail orientated custom machining solution located in Fort Erie, Ontario, Canada.

They could produce individual components for ventilators. For example, they serve a customer that manufactures electrical insulators made mostly out of epoxy but they still need a metal threaded connection and that is what we make. We are also capable of producing tightly toleranced components for equipment.

Would like to be introduced within OCE network that is in search of their service.

CRM Pharma Consulting Inc.

A boutique consulting firm with expertise in development of clinical trials (phase 1-4) in both vaccines and therapeutic areas (drugs, biologics and devices), as well as nutraceuticals. Experienced in FDA and Health Canada regualtions.

Consulting services on regulatory approvals and clinical trials.

Looking for comapnies and researchers who are developing vaccines, drugs and nutraceuticals who need clinical trials design and regulatory approvals.






EAIGLE, a Computer vision and AI company based in Toronto and Waterloo originally developed an AI software for indoor/outdoor crowd management and occupancy monitoring. When the novel coronavirus began to spread in North America, EAIGLE realized that it could use much of the same technology to detect people who might have contracted the virus. They have been working hard to utilize their existing technology to help with the current situation caused by COVID19.


The solution monitors crowds, counts people and detects infected people with symptoms in real-time. The solution utilizes Computer Vision & AI to fight the spread of COVID-19 and includes: (a) People counting & Occupancy Monitoring (Deployed) (b) Remote measurement of body temperature in crowd (deployed) (c) Measure statistics of distances between people in a crowd (Under development) (d) Remote detection of people with PPE i.e. masks (Under development) (e) Estimate percentage of people wearing masks (Under development) (f) Estimate demography of people in a crowd (age and gender) (Under development) (g) Identify and track people with higher risk of spreading the virus (for example, someone with a high body temperature, with or without mask, and not observing distance with others).


Eaigle is seeking project opportunities for the deployment of their technology.

Intelense Inc.

Intelense uses artificial intelligence video analytics to provide actionable alerts to people monitoring surveillance cameras, reducing the need for manual intervention and significantly increasing public safety.

Intelense can provide a single solution to address three important aspects to contain the spread of COVID: 1. maintain social distancing and isolation; 2. thermal check for people with potential fever to avoid spreading; 3. self-assessment application for public to check if they need to be tested.

Intelense is seeking access to deployed cameras for temperature/ fever monitoring.

Geodesic Innovations Inc.

Geodesic Innovations is a healthcare tech company that uses exponential technologies like AI, blockchain, and others to build real life solutions.

Whzzo is an encrypted, decentralized social platform of peer network. We promote digital social interaction with people who are from similar life situations and also help in maintain and promote mental health by daily mood tracking, resilience building challenges and daily motivational messages and also allowing to you communicate one on one or to people in your tribe. It is safe secure and anonymous.

We are helping support physical distancing by promoting social human connection through our app which is available on iOS and android platforms as WHZZO. We are helping promoteental health and provide access to a supportive human community during such unprecedented times.

Logicon Solutions

We are a process automation and decision support company. Supported hospital decision support teams from 2018 to 2012. We know how to build simulations and probabilistic models such as:modeling of hospital operations to identify bottlenecks or when areas will reach overcapacity; model the costs of operations and cash required; and, determine the amount of resources required based on multiple variable inputs|model supply chain flows.

Management scientist and CPA, experienced in building Canada's largest supply chains. I.e. picking up 7,000 parts from 400 suppliers every 24 hours for General Motors, ran the supply for Dell Canada ensuring computers are moved from product in Texas to various points in Canada in as short at six hours. Building capacity plans and forecasting models for various hopsitals.

Collaborate with software companies to deisgn supply chain/asset tracking solutions for healthcare.

DATALife-Artificial Intelligence Inc.

DATAlife has been working helping doctors and health companies to transform their accumulated knowledge into Artificial Intelligence Systems.

Our team is specialized in apply Artificial Intelligence in the healthcare market.

Medical images analysis, health data, new ways of triage. Currently working with Figure1 to send lung image data to Darwmin AI for ML

Gyroscopic Inc.

We are a custom software and digital solutions development studio . We can create professional software rapidly and effectively. We also have a data science and AI research team that can create AI solutions and integrations quickly and easily.

Custom software development, digital solutions, AI development and integration, data science, etc.

Collaborate with software companies to design supply chain/asset tracking solutions for remote healthcare solutions.


On-demand anything you want a delivery platform. Deliverbae gives local independent stores a chance to compete with the big stores by offering delivery service for their customers. Convenience with fast, versatile delivery.

We can provide a delivery solution for businesses in any sector by powering them with deliveries through our platforms, this will not only help businesses but also keep our economy moving amid crisis times like these.

App and platform developers, marketing, and office space in Toronto.

NYN Designs Inc.

NeuronicWorks Inc. is a multi-disciplinary design house located in Toronto, the heart of Canada's leading tech community. We focus our efforts on helping companies develop innovative engineering solutions for their businesses, and to develop new products that reflect the reality of the day, coupled with the future of technological progress.

Our product DivvyDoc provides each user/business/organization a private instance where you can store and share files in a very structured, contained and secure way|DivvyDoc was specifically built not to compete against cloud-only SaaS. A private instance of DivvyDoc is deployed for the client to cloud, private cloud, hybrid cloud or a custom on-premise solution can be derived (requires estimate). The private instance of DivvyDoc is deployed to the closest ISO-certified data center within their primary country of operation, ensuring data is not stored overseas (etc). Backups are also located within the primary country of operation, within the same data center (or for additional fee, at another facility).

Scalability to meet larger projects in short time period can be a challenge. We offer free initial consultation to gain an understanding of the project scope.

NeuronicWorks Inc.

NeuronicWorks Inc. is a multi-disciplinary design house located in Toronto, the heart of Canada's leading tech community. We focus our efforts on helping companies develop innovative engineering solutions for their businesses, and to develop new products that reflect the reality of the day, coupled with the future of technological progress.

Market analysis, Branding, UI/UX design, Graphical design, Industrial design, Mechanical design, Case manufacturing, PCB (SCH, layout ) design, PCBA manufacturing, Bare-metal firmware, Embedded firmware, Cloud back-end design, Database design, Web page design, App (iOS and Android) design, Certification and Regulatory support, Quality control, Assembly, Logistics

We can help with any design, prototyping and manufacturing need. We work on all phases of product development, from initial concept design to manufacturing and certification. Our broad experience in electronic product design and software development across a wide variety of industries gives us the confidence to get the job done quickly, and right from the first time! is a specialized consultancy providing bespoke artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning solutions (AI/ML/DL). We focus on the development and rapid deployment of these technologies in fintech, natural language understanding, and research and development.

Prototype to production of command & control platforms to assess future at-risk pockets of outbreaks; design and development of medical devices

Not applicable

IMRSV Data Labs Inc.

IMRSV Labs is a custom machine learning company. We have engineers ready and willing to help. We have experience in a variety of fields including working with PHAC on medical information retrieval. We are experts in working with unstructured information (text, audio, video, image) and work with USSOCOM.

We can rapidly assess viability of potential machine learning solutions. We can develop and deploy an operational system extremely efficiently to facilitate hypothesis testing.

Not applicable

Space Simulation Services of Canada Corporation

Space Simulation Services of Canada Corporation uses a proprietary Test Cell design and is currently operating a TVAC test cell which has been designed in-house and specifically addresses modularity, scalability and multi-use functionality of integrated equipment to the cleanroom, all of which are completely designed and built in Canada.

We would like to provide Sterilization/Test Cells to DND and health care centers. We believe that the design would be a critical point of infrastructure as it is very flexible in use mode. For example, it could be quickly modified to a general cleanroom to be used in COVID 19 testing (Testing Cell) then back again into a Sterilization Cell. We also have expertise in mechanical, cleanroom and cryogenics design, services and procedures.

We require cleanroom and autoclave certification as well as sterilization procedures to be included with the physical operation of the sterilization cell.

Newaurora Corp.

Data refinery in Ontario, Canada, we are working on the BI ( Business Intelligent ) and big data. We are stronger at refining raw data.

Our company can provide data services including data collection, data processing, data analysis, data mining/data statistics and business reports for beating the Covid-19. We have data servers and technical people. We would like to assist any group/person.

Collaborators on any COVID-19 Solutions.


MyShoperon is a Toronto based startup with an original solution that is community based where neighbours help each other to end package theft and missed deliveries. It has been redesigned to be a platform for the elderly and immunocompromised to reach out to the community for assistance in running errands. We match Chaperons (helpers on our platform) with neighbours who need help with groceries, medication, essential supplies pickup and delivery.

Helping the elderly and immunocompromised to reach out to the community for assistance in running errands, and then matching them with Chaperons (helpers on our platform) who can help groceries, medication, essential supplies pickup and delivery. The platform has been tested for package receiving.

Help to introduce solution to different communities.

Writi Inc.

Writi Virtual Healthcare empowers healthcare professionals serving the senior housing sector with the ability to remotely and securely manage the care and health of their residents, while supporting compliance and order management.

Writi's order management platform serves long-term care home communities and is used by physicians, nurses, pharmacists, and other allied health professionals to remotely and securely manage the care and health of their residents, while supporting compliance and order management, maintaining continuity of care.

Roll out solution to more long-term care and retirement homes to control the spread of Covid-19.

1000mL Inc.

1000ml provides expertise in machine learning, AI, data analysis, high performance data infrastructure development and data engineering solutions and services.

Augment / assist any solution provider or collective that requires support creating/ implementing maching learning, AI, chatbot, data analysis, data infrastructure or high performance computing solutions.

Collaborate on any COVID-19 Solutions.

Digital Shift

Areas of expertise and solutions include: digital transformation, NLP and conversational AI, driving value from data assets, procurement support, business transformation and future of work. Deep skills include AI, supply chain and project management.

Perform data collection and analytics to provide early indicators of looming problems, before their exponential growth makes them unmanageable. When businesses have to deal with consequent results of the pandemic, usually in the form of increased or decreased customer volume, their ability to respond in a timely way to the health system is affected. The issue we will address is the difficulty in detecting and reacting to fast changes in customer demand and other behaviour, within the health system itself and its ecosystem. We will leverage a product called ccRobot provided by Korah Limited, which provides a chat bot with extensive back end capabilities for data analysis and management reporting - chat bot system that faces customers is a source of early indicators of changes in their needs and behaviour.

We seek partners who would benefit from analysis that demonstrates with quantified confidence trends resulting from the pandemic's continuing impact. The nature of this information would be early warnings of such events as supply constraints, public sentiment, extended reply or supply times that interfere with the normal pace of business operations.

Darwin AI

DarwinAI's GenSynth platform uses AI itself to observe a neural network as it is being trained and then generates a number of new and highly optimized versions of said network.

In collaboration with University of Waterloo, the solution is a diagnostic system using Artificial Intelligence to detect COVID-19 from chest X-Ray images, ready for deployment. While it can be difficult for a radiologist to discern COVID-19 from other conditions, AI can help to increase specificity and sensitivity of X-Rays to aid radiologists in decision making. The deep learning platform will enable clinicians to not only screen more rapidly, but more importantly be able to perform better risk stratification, which is critical for patient population management and individualized care based on risk level. This will have significant benefits to improving the supply chain for hospitals in many ways.

Operationalizing the system involves two primary activities: 1) improving system performance as data is collected and clinicians provide nuanced feedback 2) developing the tool's UI and supporting infrastructure so the platform is accessible to clinicians and radiologists in an intuitive and useful manner. This requires: 1) a project manager to run the initiative by means of development planning and logistical coordination with clinical and industrial partners on data collection, 2) a deep learning engineer, to focus on improving the machine learning models that undergird the system, 3) a full-stack engineer, to develop the system's underlying software, 4) a designer, to develop an clean and powerful user interface for radiologists and clinicians.


We are leaders in applying Machine Learning, Data Science, and Artificial Intelligence to solve business problems. Software engineering is our core competency. With over a decade in digital we have mastered the art and science of software. Understanding business needs is the fundamental motivation behind everything we do. We are experts at rapid prototyping and feasibility evaluation.

Expertise in machine learning, data science, or software development.

Collaborators for COVID-19 Solution.

mLAi Analytics Inc.

Founded in 2018, mLAi Analytics has expertise in machine learning, AI and big data processing and analysis. The company's competitive edge is its proven ability for, experience in and commitment to developing multi-sensor fusion, image and data fusion methods for next generation IIoT technologies. Extensive experience in developing and implementing various data processing and intelligent technologies.

mLAi Analytics has developed a deep neural network model that can detect COVID-19 from chest X-rays. The model is currently trained on limited data sets and can classify two groups of patients: COVID-19 and non COVID-19. The non COVID-19 group of patients comprises of cases of pneumonia, viral pneumonia and normal.

We require extensive X-Rays data from hospitals and health institutions to improve COVID-19 diagnostics solution. Also, mLAi Analytics is looking to apply its machine learning and big data analytics capabilities for remote patient health monitoring. In this regard, mLAi Analytics is looking for industry partners with capabilities in low cost medical sensors and integration for join collaboration project on remote patient health monitoring.

Blue Rush Inc.

BlueRush offers an interactive personalized video platform, IndiVideo, companies can engage customers, simplify complex products, motivate action and accelerate the buyer journey while providing a superior digital experience to lift conversions and increase customer lifetime value. BlueRush provides key solutions for financial institutions in their digital transformation journey.

BlueRush has launched a site for resources to help financial services clients through the COVID-19 pandemic:

Collaborators to ensure they inject the most value and quality in every video to create a rich content library that will help viewers navigate these difficult times.

247 Labs

Specializes in creating digital solutions with a focus and expertise in the health and elearning domain. 247 Labs has a team with decades of experience in building web and mobile experiences that includes work with University of Toronto, Sick Kids Foundation, the provincial and federal governments.

Provides expertise in web and mobile app solutions. Current COVID-19 solution is a complete app ( built in collaboration with University of Toronto and MIT that helps citizens trace their history and get notifications when a COVID positive case has intersected with their pathway.

Connect with public health officials and other interested parties in the health sector who can benefit from the ready made health tracing app

Environics Analytics

Environics Analytics (EA) specializes in analytical services and software that provide rapid insight into populations of interest to support economic impact analysis, program design, targeting and executing communications. Our services are based on a collection of over 30,000 indicators of behaviour and demographics for neighbourhoods (Census dissemination areas and 6 digit postal codes) across Canada. Our tools are currently used by about 25 municipalities across Canada, a number of provincial and federal government departments and over 500 companies and not for profits.

Our solutions can be broken down into two general categories - Public Health Communications and Economic & Social Supports. Our services can be used to identify, understand and target select citizens including the following use cases: Frail/Most Vulnerable, Understand Already Infected or Tested Populations, Non-Compliance with Social Distancing, Exposure Risk, Most Financially Vulnerable to Drop in Income, Most Socially Vulnerable etc.

Collaborate those who could benefit from using data and consumer insight (based on demographics, behaviours, attitudes, etc.) to inform program development and communications for target populations.

Empower Health

Our company is a for profit social enterprise aligned to building relationships & delivering technology and real-time data solutions across the full spectrum of the healthcare system (Government Agencies, Academic Institutions, Industry, Non-Profits, Healthcare Professionals, Patients and the General Public). Our IT infrastructure is uniquely positioned to provide unified & consistent real-time information about healthcare service availability to support citizen navigation of the healthcare system, access to healthcare services, load-balancing of healthcare services across all healthcare service providers, and data dashboards to support healthcare system planning.

Our directory data is the only data source available with real-time/weekly maintenance of pharmacy fax numbers & hours (ie. to support referrals/prescriptions sent to pharmacies), as well as medical referrals (ie. hours/availability of COVID-19 assessment centres, medical labs/imaging centres, etc). Our database will also begin to include COVID-19 metrics for long-term care centres updated daily for our integrated data dashboard, and we can extend the COVID-19 data to include hospitals and other organizations. Our database will also include vaccine & medication inventory data through our initiative, and support public awareness & access to vaccines and vaccine information when COVID-19 vaccines become available, or to support with next year's influenza vaccination efforts.

Not applicable

STEP Software Inc.

STEP Software is a technology firm specializing in custom software solutions for a wide variety of industries. We create geographic information systems (GIS) and machine learning products for the insurance industry, workforce management software for the construction industry, and B2B solutions for a wide array of verticals. We can either scope out your project and run with it, or augment your existing team with our wide roster of skills and experience so you get the best of both worlds.

STEP Software is a willing partner with any organization that is seeking the support from a highly qualified team of professionals that have a proven track record in converting ideas to a commercial reality in any technical vertical.

Not applicable

LoyaltyMatch Inc.

We are are cloud based developer of a marketing automation platform used by consumer goods and live entertainment companies in Canada, USA and Europe. We recently developed a predicitive anlytics solution with AI/ML as its foundation. It may be applicable for predicting trends in virus movement, containment or other. It may also be used to analyse various data sets to help with a predictive analysis of the data.

Data analysis and insight, and/or predictive forecasts.

Data sets.


Sitata monitors global news and social sources for threats of any kind. We detected COVID-19 on December 30th, 2019 and warned travellers visiting China and planning to go to Wuhan on January 2nd, 2020. We provide our monitoring services to governments, corporations, insurers and individuals. Sitata can even connect you to a medical practitioner in the event that you need help - all within our platform.

We can provide a full-service platform to Canadian citizens to ensure they stay safe and healthy now and especially when travel restrictions start to be removed.

We would like to work with PhD candidates in the areas of big data and machine learning to strengthen some of our core systems where applicable. In addition, we would simply like to provide Canadian citizens with our platform to stay safe and healthy at home and abroad.

AIH Technology Inc.

AIH Technology Inc. is a Markham-based technology company with deep expertise in the development and application of computer vision algorithms and related products and services. AIH's core competency focuses on developing and commercializing AI computer vision algorithms and related products. AIH's vision is to apply its success in the R&D of computer vision AI to automate various traditionally labour-intensive tasks in healthcare, finance, safety, security, etc. Our goal is to lead Canada on the global stage in terms of adoption of advanced machine learning and AI in improving the quality of life for Canadians

We can provide access to our computer vision algorithms for other partners who may require it. IH's computer vision algorithm had already been deployed in GTA-based seniors homes for the purpose of preventing seniors living with dementia from going missing. It has demonstrated reliability and precision in real-world deployment settings. Repurposing existing computer vision technology for this project would require minimal engineering adaption for the solution to work.

3D Printing; Electronic Assembly; General Fabrication, Assembly & Packaging.


The prescription acts as an immutable chain between the doctor, patient, and pharmacy preventing altered or duplicate prescriptions/ Allows seamless verification of the prescription by the insurance company preventing false or incorrect claims.

Not applicable

Not applicable

Korah Limited

Korah provides technical expertise to IT challenges. Application development, Legacy Modernization, Process automation, ERP/CRM.

An entreprice Chat bot (ccROBOT) a cloud-based customer care application platform, automates repetitive customer inquiries to improve overall service quality and reduce operational costs.

Collaboration with Healthcare Sector to provide their services (to free up resources).

Tsaro (NeuVativ Inc.)

Tsaro (NeuVativ Inc.) is a safety and security solutions startup for the elevator industry. We have a remote monitoring software platform for audio, video, and IoT sensors to improve the tenant safety experience.

We can support other collaborators with cameras, cloud-based audio and video platform, IoT web platform to connect any type of sensors. Our audio and video platform for emergency communication can also be re-purposed for virtual monitoring for elderly care and communities needing mental health services especially to connect with isolated citizens, including people who are vulnerable or living in remote areas of Ontario.

Health monitoring sensors (for example, body temperature), regulatory.

Coulter Software Inc.

We build great software. We work with each customer to understand their project, their challenges and work together to develop a solution. We are experienced in designing and building web and mobile apps that are scalable and secure.

We don't have a specific issue we are looking to solve or support, just looking to provide support where our expertise/skills may be needed.

Looking to contribute to an initiative.


Small business specializing in Microsoft Cloud Solutions. We provide Microsoft product training in multiple areas including SharePoint, Dynamics, Office and TEAMS/SKYPE communications. We also develop in house Microsoft Mobile app solutions quickly

Other innovations and ideas.

Not applicable


MarkiTech offers two key products and services:

  1. Our deep IT/technology development expertise. IT/application development & testing services, we can help design, develop an agile prototype within weeks and offer to test of solutions. Data/AI, IoT and 5G expertise, we have an end-to-end technical skills in these areas. Vertical focus and products delivered in healthcare, technology and other verticals, we have deep vertical expertise with our global solutions in healthcare and technology.
  2. Our health intelligence platform called LocateMotion.
  3. Our 24/7 global chat medical opinion platform, called YourDoctors.Online, being used in over 61+ countries.

MarkiTech can:

  1. Collaborate with remote patient monitoring solutions that helps keep people/vulnerable especially seniors at home
  2. Partner with strategic companies that help complement our services and offer COVID-19 response.

Medical manufacturing expertise to develop FDA/EC approved medical-grade devices that can integrate with our unique health technology platform like oximeter, glucometer, heart rate, medicine dispenser, etc.


Since 2009, ThoughtWire has been on a mission to create smarter spaces. By orchestrating data from people, process, and the physical built environment, ThoughtWire delivers smarter, safer and more efficient hospitals, commercial buildings, and cities. Our innovative software applications put people first, whether for clinicians, patients, office workers, or first responders. Powered by our proprietary Digital Twin platform, ThoughtWire's applications for smart hospitals, smart buildings, and smart cities unlock the value of data generated from built environments by combining it with context from people, processes and IoT devices.

Other innovations and ideas.

  • Sensor partners: portable sensors/devices to capture vitals remotely. This will be critical for less traditional settings with limited equipment, e.g. field hospitals.
  • Electronic health record technology partners: companies already operating in lower acute settings such as long-term care, assisted living, community and at-home services.
  • Partners already aggregating province-wide admission, discharge and transfer (ADT) or similar patient registration feeds. Integration with these partners will accelerate large-scale deployment.
  • Telecommunications partner: Pre-configure and supply mobile devices to frontline healthcare workers. This would enable rapid deployment in any facility, including temporary field hospitals.
  • Professional services partner: assist in the commissioning and onboarding of new sites. This can include Master System Integrator (MSI) firms with healthcare expertise.
  • Research partner/ Epidemiologists: study data tracked by ThoughtWire EWS to improve algorithms to detect early warning signs of COVID-19.

Macadamian Technologies

Macadamian designs and develops digital and connected experiences to improve healthcare. Macadamian is a full-service software design and development consulting firm. We provide a complete range of product strategy, user experience design and research, data and software engineering services in combination with our Macadamian HealthConnect application development as a service platform. Ranging from big consumer brands to complex enterprise environments, our goal is to create solutions that are simple and meaningful, prioritizing the experience of the patient, the clinician, and the business needs of our clients.

Macadamian has developed a screening tool for healthcare facilities to screen employees for COVID-19. For MedTech and healthcare provider organizations that are trying to solve complex COVID-19 related problems, Macadamian is offering to provide a 12-month commitment-free license to our HealthConnect platform to help accelerate the deployment of digital COVID-19 solutions without incurring significant upfront costs.

Not applicable

Synervoz Communications

Synervoz applies cutting edge speech, audio, and machine learning technologies to voice communication. Phone calls, walkie talkies, and texting can be replaced or augmented with a faster hands-free paradigm that maximizes real time voice and video interaction. New modes of social interaction are also made possible in combination with music and other media. Synervoz’s flagship product, Switchboard, makes it feel like you’re in the same room, especially when listening to music or watching video together online. Voice and content audio are balanced in real time and non-live content can be synchronized between parties. A fast, flexible voice chat network facilitates spontaneous communication and drop-in experiences on mobile, desktop, and other devices.

Voice control application avaiable for contactless need.

Funding program inquiry.

Kings Distributed Systems Ltd.

KDS is a Kingston-based tech start-up developing a JavaScript and Web Assembly based distributed compute platform to accelerate Canadian science, innovation and discovery. The Distributed Compute Protocol (DCP) is a secure framework for connecting heterogeneous platforms – from smartphones to enterprise web-servers, and everything in between – and allows them to both buy and sell idle CPU and GPU compute capacity as an on-demand service. This distributed compute network has the potential to provide abundant CPU & GPU resources at a fraction of the cost of current commercial cloud computing services. As a new computing tool, DCP will benefit Canadian academic institutions, businesses, industry, government, and even individual STEM researchers.

Look for transportation / anonymized cellphone geolocation data from Telus, Rogers and Bell.

Funding program inquiry; potential partnership opportunity.


TimeSaved's mission is to get people into jobs faster. TimeSaved provides software solutions that help staffing agencies build, maintain and deploy a centralized database of workers. Our web application can be used to filter workers by skills, availability and location, and our mobile app allows for workers to communicate via multiple channels, update critical information in real time, and receive job notifications instantly. Our areas of expertise are light industrial and healthcare staffing.

TimeSaved provides software solutions that help staffing agencies build, maintain and deploy a centralized database of workers.

Marketing and Market Analysis. In order for our technology to provide a useful service to hospitals, we need to build a database of workers. In order to do this , we need an effective way to reach those retired doctors and nurses or people who employ skills that they can use to help on the front lines. Therefore we are looking for collaborators to help with marketing efforts to get the word out so we can start building this database.

Mobisoft Infotech Canada

Mobisoft Infotech is an ISO 27001:2013 certified global digital product development company. We partner with businesses of all sizes to build, improve and scale products across platforms leveraging disruptive technologies and combining design, engineering and innovation to make our clients successful. We started as a completely bootstrapped company in 2010 with a mobile-first development approach and emerged as an end-to-end digital product engineering company.

Custom HIPAA compliant telemedicine app solution for clinics, hospitals, and healthcare startups. Solution enables clinics, hospitals, and healthcare startups to offer robust telehealth to every patient.

  1. Connect Patients and Providers Together Online: build an all-in-one telemedicine platform to let patients connect with providers virtually from an app
  2. Hospitals and Healthcare Networks: build your own virtual multi-speciality hospital, provide your patients with customized telehealth solutions and remote consultation
  3. Primary-care Clinics: offer online doctor consultation, reduce the need for in-person follow-ups with patients with an online doctor app.

Collaborators who can provide Cloud Infrastructure credits to host the solution in government approved cloud infrastructure e.g. AWS Cloud, Microsoft Azure Cloud and IBM Cloud.

Social Robots

Social Robots is a tech start-up addressing social isolation, loneliness and stress among seniors. Our vision is to become a strategic partner to retirement homes and long-term care facilities to help families stay connected through incremental virtual visits with the help of a humanoid robot. As a social connection innovator, our goal is to leverage new technologies to offer peace of mind to adult children and their senior family members when they can't visit in person as often as they would like (or at all!). Whether they live across town or across the globe, families can subscribe and schedule weekly visits when they are offered at the residence where their senior member(s) live.

Not applicable.

Technical team - Android/mobile and web app design/development; Online registration/subscription/sign-up; AI/robotic process automation; IT infrastructure expertise plus eventually people with more financial expertise (CFO/Controller). Also - Humanoid robots with Android tablet/visual interface (I am already connected to two Canadian distributors of robots- VTRAC Robotics (AvatarMind iPal) and Autonetics (Sanbot robots); additional form factors are welcome.

Comfable Inc.

Digital agency that specializes in the design and development of visually stunning mobile and web applications.

Can partner with other companies that develop digital solutions like virtual health toolkits, online schools or online therapists and UX/UI design their platform.

Would like introduction to companies that needs help in developing digital solutions.

Sipher Inc.

Sipher is a technology company that research and develop AI-powered solutions for robotic process automation and cybersecurity.

Created a bot voice + text + web platform -this can be used to answer questions about COVID-19 on all methods of communication.

Would like introduction to hospitals, government, clinics, any institutions that would like to use this as a first line of communication.


Mobile solution is built on blockchain (the distributed software technology behind Bitcoin and many new innovative projects).

  1. To nudge people into adopting good COVID-19 prevention practices through social distancing and hand-hygiene
  2. To help people demonstrate their authentic commitment to diligently maintaining infection-reventing behaviour
  3. To help organizations ensure an infection-safe working environment for staff and customers
  4. To help people who can authentically demonstrate their COVID-19 Safety diligence to return to work and other productive activities sooner in order to alleviate their financial and emotional distress
  5. To help employers and other organizations that depend on having a healthy labour force get accelerate their progress toward revitalizing their economic activity
  6. To help governments and other public and social policy organizations track behaviour change outcomes and social impact.

Introduction to any potential company that will use the service.


Easy and secure way for professionals to communicate without having to worry about security and privacy. TitanFile automatically organizes messages and documents around clients, groups or projects, reducing filing overhead and increasing productivity. Multi-level encryption, granular access control and full audit trails ensure compliance and make TitanFile the best choice for secure communications.

They created COVID-19 Community Program

COVID-19 Community Program listed as a resource on the OCE website to help support businesses in the Canadian community.

Assendire Technologies Inc

Early stage development of hand sanitizers, disinfectant products and masks sterilization.

Early stage formula developemnt of hand sanitizer. Early designs of activated carbon in cellulosic structures.

Looking for collaborators to further test scale up hand sanitizer and the mask sterilization.

Real Time Medical

A software that provides geo-fencing and contact tracing in addition to health advice. The company has a proprietary radiology workflow management and quality assurance software platform.

A platform that provides contact tracing, geo-fencing for self isolation assisstance, information sharing with doctors and AI tool to help individuals search and get relevant data.

Clients interested in taking on the platform. Marketing and communications consulting firms who can provide help in the outreach. Looking for hospitals as clients for their radiology tool.

Etek Wearable Technology

Etek Wearable Technology has created a smart shirt. Reading the user's heat, hydration, heart rate and movement and sending the data to a smart phone. This data can be used to predict illness early.

A smart shirt: Reading the user's heat, hydration, heart rate and movement and sending the data to a smart phone. This data can be used to predict illness early.

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Alcea Technologies Inc.

Alcea Technologies is a software development company based in Ottawa Ontario. Established in 1997, Alcea has years of expertise in the information technology sector with founders who have worked in technology for 25+ years. As the creators of Alcea Tracking Solutions, an information tracking software platform, Alcea has gained valuable expertise in Business Requirements Definition, Risk Management, Issue Tracking and Risk Compliance. We use these skills to deliver an exceptional collaborative platform to our clients to use in varied vertical markets. From healthcare to all types of information management.

Alcea has developed a proprietary software platform called Alcea Tracking Solutions which can be configured to track any type of information in a variety of vertical markets. From Risk Management to tracking assets and all types of information, Alcea Tracking Solutions can be configured to meet the exacting specifications of the client in a timely manner. No complicated set up, no IT resources required.

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Tehama Inc., incorporated in 2019 and headquartered in Ottawa, is a wholly owned subsidy of Tehama Group Inc. (formally Pythian Group Inc) that was founded in 1997. Its main product is Tehama Virtual Office as a Service that enables companies to create and orchestrate a virtual workforce of any size and scale. The Tehama platform enables enterprises to manage, onboard, and audit third-party vendors, remote teams, and freelancers by providing cloud-based, virtual desktops available on-demand, globally, with the highest possible security and compliance.

Tehama is the fastest, easiest, most secure way to deploy a virtual workforce. Onboard remote workers in less than an hour with multi-level security and a complete audit trail. In these times where Canada requires individuals to self isolate and reduce social contact, Canadians need a secure way to work from home on any device. With the Tehama SaaS platform, you can create cloud-based virtual offices, rooms, and desktops anywhere in the world in minutes. Unlike other solutions requiring shipping laptops, VPN, or traditional VDI, Tehama is elastic, scale-able, and lightweight on existing network resources. Tehama is SOC 2 Type II-compliant and ensures the highest level of compliance and security via policy controls, forensic auditing, and activity monitoring.

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A technology platform that redefines how employers can access the “Gig” economy.

The use of AI to match gig assignments with candidates.

Would like to tap into OCE netwrk and funding programs, as SpotApp is a social enteprise. TEF introduction will be great.

RideShark Corporation

RideShark is a market leading multimodal Mobility as a Service (MaaS) company. RideShark provides a custom branded unified mobility platform to public and private sector customers around the world. RideShark helps people get to their destination by combing all options for real-time trip planning. An integrated app combines all travel options, rideshare payments and supporting services. We empower people to make sustainable travel choices. We provide an AI-powered mobility solution with proven value in reducing congestion, growing ridership, and increasing efficiency and transportation resource utilization - ultimately shifting car drivers to consume public and shared mobility.

RideShark's initiative is to launch a Canada-wide trip tracking platform, enabling users to report on how they are travelling to work or personal trips. The tracking of telework, transit trips, carpooling, cycling/walking or drive alone would better help to understand how people are moving during Covid-19. A self-reported indicator of Covid-19 status (e.g. self-isolation, 14-day quarantine, Covid-19 suspected, Covid-10 confirmed, etc.) would assist with disease tracking and research.

To launch this initiative, RideShark needs:

  • Medical collaborator to assist with COVID-19 status definitions and national outreach
  • Private sector partner to co-brand the national tracking platform and assist with national outreach
  • Funding

Raven AI

Raven has developed the first Intelligent Awareness Platform (IAP) used by pharmaceutical, medical devices, and other leading manufacturing companies. The platform supports improvement efforts and provides real-time feedback using proprietary mobile hardware, cloud-based analytics and AI. The system can be quickly and easily installed and made operational, using the existing wifi network and the cloud. Raven recently launched IAP for Healthcare and is serving hospitals in the Maritimes helping them improve safety and efficiency through improved situational awareness. Raven was founded in 2013 and is based in Ottawa, Ontario.

Raven's Intelligent Awareness Platform (IAP) has been developed to protect healthcare workers from COVID-19 infection by increasing situational awareness and improving the ability to follow complex safety protocols and required precautions. Current best practices rely on printed documents, ad-hoc communication between hospital staff and whiteboards. Raven's IAP improves real-time knowledge of activity and risk-state in operating rooms (OR) helping hospital staff choose appropriate PPE and safety precautions to protect themselves from infection from aerosolized virus particles. Aerosolized virus particles may pose the most significant threat to OR staff and patients and, according to one recent study, can remain present in the air for up to three hours. Both aerosolized and droplet particles are formed during many common operating room procedures; most notably during intubations (inserting a breathing tube), extubations, or any procedure involving manipulation of the airway. In addition to the safety benefits provided by Raven's technology for hospitals, it also can help reduce lost time helping to lower operating cost and improve the timeliness of patient care. Raven's IAP is used by numerous global manufacturers helping them improve profitability by millions per year by highlighting inefficiencies in real-time.

Raven is seeking additional hospitals in Canada as early adopters of Raven's Intelligent Awareness Platform for Healthcare. Raven is deploying this cloud-based technology at the QEII Health Sciences Centre in Halifax, Nova Scotia in partnership with the Nova Scotia Health Authority.





Glia Inc.

Glia Inc. is a provider of high-quality low-cost open source medical hardware that makes a difference. We believe in creating and sharing hardware that is easily accessible and can be manufactured in low-resource settings. Hundreds of our devices are already in use around the world.


Glia Inc. is offering a specialized ventialtion system being produced as the MAIN (Minimizing Aerosolization In Noninvasive ventilation) in COVID19 mask system. The MAIN-COVID mask has been developed as a result of a collaboration between General Dynamics Land Systems, Glia Incorporated, and physician researchers at University of Toronto (Dr. Azad Mashari), Western University (Dr. Tarek Loubani), and Mackenzie Health Partners (Dr. Ben Thomson). This MAIN COVID-mask offers a dramatic shift in management of COVID19- patients requiring noninvasive ventilation can now have it safely while decreasing risk to health care workers, and the number of standard ventilators required will decrease dramatically.


Glia Inc. is seeking collaborators that can RECEIVE ORDERS for the MAIN-COVID mask system and be a DISTRIBUTOR to hospitals and health care providers.


We are an Ontario based startup that provides smart lock devices for visual thermal biometric access control. Our devices unlocks doors by facial recognition so it is a complete contact-less access control solution. It is more secure than regular facial recognition because we also use your thermal signature to determine your identity. Since our devices already are using thermal sensors we can easily repurpose them to screen for fever which is a common symptom of COVID-19. Also since our device register users, we can register the sick to 14 days of alert access.

We want to provide access control for the future, including automatic screening for COVID-19 symptoms.

3D printing, testing partners.

Deep Trekker Inc.

We are a robotics manufacturer; we have recently redesigned one of our robot platforms to be a UV-C decontamination robot that can be remotely operated to enter spaces and decontaminate.

We have a portable remotely operated UV-C decontamination robot.

We need collaboration on testing, certification.

Top Hat Robotics

Sidewalk robots & indoor robots (no-touch doors, 100% electric) for UV disinfecting, grocery delivery, covid-19 home testing kits & last mile package delivery. As our name suggests, "Top Hat Robotics" is a robotic platform designed for many modular work attachments (""top hats""). We're a dozen staff & growing quickly. Several well-known customers including Canada's Department of Defence.


We already have robots in operation but to expand quickly we'd benefit from additional support for: Electronics, General Fabrication, Quality Control.

Factory Surplus Direct Inc.

Collaborative Robots can assist with unsafe work and rapid integration ability to deal with local and countrywide labour shortages, disruptions and inefficiencies. Easy and quick ways to help all manufacturers with palletizing and assisting with local labour shortages or the manufacture of face shields, masks etc.

We can provide the Cobot solution for assembly lines for PPE, and help make production safer, faster and more efficient. These are the industries and applications our Collaborative Robot Solution can work with:

  • Industries:
    • Automotive
    • Electrical
    • Pharma & Chemistry
    • Food & Beverage
    • Aerospace & Defence
    • Metal & Machining
  • Applications:
    • Gluing
    • Welding
    • Polishing
    • Dispensing

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Frontline medical staff throughout the world have suffered disproportionate casualties from the COVID-19 outbreak due to its high infectivity through both droplet and aerosol contamination. With millions of people being tested each week, there must be a safer interface between medical workers and potentially infected patients. POSIStation solves this problem by using positive air pressure and flow to protect medical professionals in contagion assessment applications.

Built inside a modified 20-foot shipping container, POSIStation provides an easily accessible patient area and an environmentally controlled safe zone for medical staff.

Customers and connections to hospitals/clinics/long-term care homes.

Longan Vision Corp.

Longan Vision Corporation is creating smart solutions to help first responders; specifically, firefighters perform their jobs safer and more efficiently. The company was established in 2018 by former and current McMaster students with a passion for innovative technologies and an understanding of the impact they can have on society.

We would like to provide 3D printer service and software expertise. Secondly, Longan Vision is developing Gatekeeper to help fight COVID-19. A thermal imager has the capability to measure relative temperature and monitor multiple people for fevers at a faster rate than a handheld device. Set as a workstation at the front of an airport or building, this technology has the capability to increase the speed in which people are monitored and triaged, while increasing the physical distance between people.

Objective 1: Introductions to businesses or organizations interested in this type of technology - including public transportation, airports, and other large venues. Longan Vision needs more feedback on possible use cases and requirements for this technology.
Objective 2: Scaling Up Development - Assistance with securing contracts for our device - Assistance with securing funding to scale up operations - Investigation and possible tender for our idea to service government buildings

Novel Technologies Inc.

Technology company located in Toronto. Focus on hardware and software solutions in healthcare. Recent projects in dental prosthetics design systems and 3D scanning and printing.

We have redirected our team in an effort to design a medical ventilator.

We are able to fulfill all processes in production of prototype-ready for validation. Thereafter, validation tests will be needed. Assistance in providing those benchmark testing would be helpful.


IFIVEO CANADA INC. has built an AI powered computer vision platform to track manual production processes in manufacturing. This allows manufacturers to get an idea of their labor efficiency in real-time allowing them to take proactive action to solve their manufacturing problems.

  1. Helping manufacturers of essential equipkment, such as ventilators, food, etc. gain greater visibility into their production operations so they can meet their market demand on time.
  2. Helping manufacturers diagnose their workers for COVID-19 in a non-invasive manner using a combination of sensors, cameras and AI software.
  3. Help hospitals and test centers track their incoming patients using computer vision to avoid excessive wait times.

Market analysis, medical manufacturing expertise and potential customers willing to deploy our system in their environment.

Blade Filters Inc.

Leader in air filtration industry. Have designed two filtration devices specifically to assist in the fight against COVID-19. These can both be used in a commercial or residential setting Need assistance in the fabrication of the devices.

Other innovations & ideas.

Maanufacturing capabilities.

Tri-Canadian Energy (TCE)

Renewable energy company specializing in solar hybrid systems including mobile and portable units with battery and generator back up.

Other innovations & ideas.

Manufacturing capabilities.

Digital Orthodontic Care

Digital Orthodontic Care is committed to providing best-in-class Digital Orthodontic products that are safe, effective, reliable, and that offer the highest possible overall quality and value to our customers. We are proud to offer our clear orthodontic aligner system - SureCure Clear Orthodontic Aligners.

Medical device manufacturer. ISO13485 Certification, Class II Medical Device (Health Canada), FDA (510k) Clearance. We have extensive 3D printing capabilities (10 printers) that use medical grade plastic resins. We also have 5 axis CNC machining capabilities to produce complex machined components.

Not applicable.

Altitutde Athletic Training Inc.

Altitude, Toronto’s first altitude training gym and destination for athletic training above sea level in a high-tech altitude chamber. They pivot their equipment and capbility for COVID.

Cubicles: Week 1- 500 units, Week-2 3000 units, Week-3 3000 units, Week-4 4000 units, approx. 10,500/month with delivery within 4-6 days. HEPA systems: Currently up to 350 units within the next 3 weeks and thinking we can supply 500 more units by the first week of May O2 Generators: Currently 50 units in stock and can supply up to 500 within 4 weeks of order Industrial supply of O2 - can supply high-flow systems that offer up to 10,000 liters (for 1,000 patients) or more of oxygen enriched air.

Access/introductions to the people procuring for COVID-19 assessment centres, long-term care facilities and hospitals.